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How do I beat the Lord of Lycans?

I killed him in the 1st part when he was human but i cant beat him in the 2nd part as a Lycan.

Also i have no light and shadow magic left.

How do i beat him in his 2nd form?


u_jus_dun_know answered:

You probably won't have a lot of Daggers yet but use those and Explosive Daggers against his Lycan form.
Change the difficulty to the easiest if you want (before the loading screen) and come back to him when you have more daggers and Ultimate moves and change to the highest difficulty.
If you are not good with synch blocking, do a dodge roll, hit and run type of strategy. It's slow but it gets the job done and watch out for his shockwave ground pound attack.
When his health gets low enough, he'll transfer his life force to the statues, destroy the statues to finally beat him.
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thessalonik answered:

Thank you very much just managed to bet it 1 hour ago using the dodge roll, hit and run strategy!

Iam very lucky i didnt have to go back to previous levels.

Can you pleasse tell me what a synch blicking is and how to perform it?
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u_jus_dun_know answered:

synchronized block is when you block right before you get hit. you know it's a synch block because there's a small flash and the enemy is vulnerable to a Direct Counterstrike move or an Area Counterstrike move. Just open the Travel Book and look up Synchronized Block in the Basic Moves list. It explains it better.
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thessalonik answered:

Thank you very much for you help!
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