Question from dduhh

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat Ice titan trial?

Trial description:
finish the level and defeat the Ice Titan in less than 1:30 minutes
is there any way to do it in 1:30minutes???
i can kill it without falling, but it's still impossible to make it in time

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From: frdny1171 4 years ago

You can get a dark crystal from doing the goblin challenge, and it does take 75% of the Ice Gaint's life points down quickly.As for getting thru the 1:30 time limit you have to time every move so that you make no mistakes once you start climbing or you have to start at the retry point again.

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You need a dark cristal, use it before the fight starts, this reduces the health of the titans to aroun 25% or so, and after that you can destroy every rune with just one hit.
you can get a cristal easily on chapter 10 level 3, where you have to free the chupacabre with the three laser beams

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There is room for some mistakes, like climbing too far etc. I'd say you have around 20 sec of crunch time during those 1:30 min. It took me 1:19 sec the first time when I succeeded but I made a couple of mistakes as well, mostly inputs that caused me to have to wait out extra shakes. You can't afford to be thrown off though.

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