Question from Centurion1000

Asked: 4 years ago

Turn blood off?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if any of you thought that there was going to be any chance at all that they were going to let you turn the blood off?

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From: Wanz44 4 years ago

You can turn the "gore" and also "mature language" off. Two separate settings.

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They most likely will, like they did in gears of war 2. their sales shot up a little bit because they did, and if it doesn't cost anymore money, and makes your game sell more, then why not? My answer would be yes.

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If you haven't played the Demo, then first I say, why not?! lol and second I say, yes you will be able to turn GORE (Blood and Guts) off and MATURE CONTENT but not in the demo, and thirdly I agree with RammsteinRules lol

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Yes you will be able to turn the blood and the swearing off all you have to do is go to options on the main menu and look for the option. Your Welcome lol.

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