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Asked: 4 years ago

General 1: Skillshot?

I need one last skillshot and it is the last one in the "general" category. It says, "Put a nom parasite on an enemy's head then take their head off". Can someone reply with either a video, or where you can get this skillshot? Much Thanks!

Additional details - 4 years ago

its ok guys, i got it last night. The name of it was called "Heads Up". I got in Act 7 Ch. 1 when the enemies come running at you after exiting the elevator. Get a nom parasite on an enemy head, use the drill and aim at their head, then shoot. You then get the Heads Up skill shot. Golden Idol,,, Check that off my achievement list!

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I don't know but try asking here

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When you kick the parasite on to the enemies head throw a flail around it and explode it: easy as pie! :)

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I got this in about Chapter 5 when running through the street. The Nom parasite is a little yellow pod on a tree. just kick it and it'll attach to an enemies head. I used the revolver and hit them in the head, The skillshot is called "Leaked"
coincidentally, I got "Leaked", "One Hit Wonder" and "Headshot"

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Another easy way is when you first get to use the Nom parasites I think in Act 4, kick it on some guys head, charge up the carbine shot, and then aim for the head.

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Slidekick, grapple beam, kick, grapple beam, kick, grapple beam, kick, grapplebeam, kick, grapplebeam, kick, grapple beam, kick, grapple beam, head shot.

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No no J_Ducreux you are wrong. It's grapple beam, slidekick, beam, kick . DUH

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