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                    XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.00

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                              By: neeker
                       Gamertag: Optimus Neeker


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1.  Contact Information
2.  Introduction
3.  Achievements
    - Relunctant Hero              [PARC201]
    - Power Surrrge!               [PARC202]
    - Pack Rat Strikes Back        [PARC203]
    - Millionaire                  [PARC204]
    - Moving on Up                 [PARC205]
    - Pervert                      [PARC206]
    - Arsonist                     [PARC207]
    - Lab Assistant                [PARC208]
    - Endgame                      [PARC209]
    - The Strength to Rule         [PARC210]
    - Steel Cannibal               [PARC211]
    - Can't Nobody Hold you Down   [PARC212]

Version history

Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on by the 
username "neeker". 

Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:

The Penny Arcade games on Xbox Live Arcade have been criticized for 
being too expensive. Nevertheless, they do deliver some great fun, 
especially with the dialogue. The second episode of the series retains 
the turn-based RPG roots from its predecessor, and has some easy 
achievement points to boot. These make it a seller for RPG-lovers who 
want to have a simple-yet-fun experience, as well as some easy points.

All the achievements in this game can be unlocked in a single play-
through. As such, I'll present this guide (mostly) in a chronological 
order of when you can do them. 

RELUCTANT HERO (5)                                           [PARC201]
Description: Refuse to join Gabe and Tycho five times

This would be the first achievement you'd get for the game. After the 
opening scenes, Gabe and Tycho visit you. Go through the conversation 
until they invite you to join their party. Refuse them by choosing the 
second (lower) option five times to unlock it.

POWER SURRRGE! (25)                                          [PARC202]
Description: Get one party member's hit counter up to 40

Upon successfully landing a hit on an enemy, a party member will build 
a hit counter. This is shown during battle, right at the bottom of the 
member's statistics. To get this achievement, you'd need to build one 
such counter up to 40. This carries over between battles. Once you're 
hit by an enemy, the counter resets. You can avoid the counter resett-
ing by performing a successful block or counter-attacking. The counter 
resets even when you do a partial block. 

In theory, this Sounds like tough, especially if you're not good 
with blocking and counter-attacking. Thankfully, there's an easy way 
of getting this. In fact, you can get this achievement very early in 
the game if you follow the, er, following method. 

When you encounter a group of enemies, the game will throw a toss to 
decide which character gets the first turn. If an enemy wins the toss, 
press Y to flee the battle. If any in your party wins the toss, do a 
quick attack (X). Once this hit is registered (the hit counter below 
will increase by one), flee immediately. 

Re-engage the battle, and you should notice that the hits actually 
carry over even when you flee. This means that you can engage, win the 
toss, land the first hit, and flee as many times as you can with no 
penalty whatsoever. You can therefore redo this over and over again 
until one of your party members reach 40. Just remember to flee when 
the enemy wins the toss, and after you land the first hit. This is 
time-consuming, but is quite frankly the easiest way to unlock the 
achievement. You can also save in between just in case.

PACK RAT STRIKES BACK (25)                                   [PARC203]
Description: Use only items to win a fight (no attacks/ counter-

Do this after you pick up the combat item "White Christmas". This 
item deals a whopping 1280 damage, and kills early enemies in a single 
hit. Once you find one, engage into a fight with robots (the early 
ones only has 774 health each) and throw one in their way. The fight 
should end right away for the achievement. 

MILLIONAIRE (15)                                             [PARC204]
Description: Collect one million dollars in cash

You'll get this achievement when searching for the last gift for Pearl 
the Secretary at the Sanitorium. At the second panel of the Riverbrook 
Park Estates, there's a ATM at the middle of the area. A man is stand-
ing in front of it. When you approach him, a battle ensues. Defeat him 
to get his ATM card. 

Examine the ATM after this, key in the password "361", and choose any 
option (they mean the same thing) to withdraw one million dollars. The 
achievement will unlock there and then. If you're wondering how to 
obtain the password, walk around this area to pick up deposit slips 
showing various numbers on them. You should find three showing "3", 
"9" and "1". The one showing "9" needs to be inverted.

Note that the man at the ATM will only appear after you trigger Pearl's  
quest for the one million dollars gift.  

MOVING ON UP (15)                                            [PARC205]
Description: Collect the Wealthy Key

Defeat the boss (Wolfington) at the Sanitorium, and you'll find a key 
on his desk. Pick it up to unlock the achievement. 

Wolfington has a hypnotizing attack that's extremely frustrating. Once 
you're hit with that, your members fall into sleep. The only way to 
get out of the slumber is to be hit. Once a member wakes, the first 
thing he/ she should do is to land a hit on an unconscious team-mate 
so that your whole team can start attacking. 

Wolfington has two lackeys protecting him. Do your best to take them 
out first before attacking him. You may want to throw a speed reduction 
item at him, since he periodically uses the hypnotizing attack on you. 

PERVERT (15)                                                 [PARC206]
Description: Inspect a pair of binoceros testicles with genuine 

This is a secret achievement, but Wolfington has already given you a 
hint way before you fight him. There's a binocerous specimen behind 
Wolfington's desk, displaying the creatures balls in full glory. After 
you defeat Wolfington, inspect the pair of balls five times, and the 
achievement should unlock. Be careful, because the balls do stare back.

ARSONIST (15)                                                [PARC207]
Description: Burn down Riverbrook Apartments

With the key you found at Wolfington's office, you can now unlock the 
gate at Riverbrook. Enter to fight Charles, who's the second major 
boss of the game. He turns out to be quite a sissy. Walk up the storeys 
of the apartment to finally engage him. 

The fight itself is extremely simple. Your character will be the only 
person taking Charles on. Do not bother charging up special attacks, 
since his health reduces by 1/3 with a single quick attack (X). Once 
you land a hit, the game pans to Tycho in the library. Pick up all the 
books/ items here, and you'll return to the battle. 

Land another hit to reduce Charles' health down to 1/3, and the screen 
goes back to Tycho. Walk to the right side of the room to find the a 
book falling to the ground. Pick it up for some items, and you'll 
return to the fight again. 

This time, land the final hit and Charles will be defeated. Gabe then 
walks in with a pie and a candle, and proceeds to burn the whole place 
down during the cut-scene. Achievement unlocks. 

LAB ASSISTANT (15)                                           [PARC208]
Description: Complete Dr. Stripe's and Dr. Whimple's bonus missions

Right after you unlock the Symposium, go to the second panel (right) to 
find Dr. Stripe. He's at the southeast corner of the room.

Talk to him to trigger his quest for recovering a wedding ring. Go to 
the third panel (right) at Riverbrook, all the way to the end near the 
locked gate. Talk to the couple there to find that the girl has stolen 
Dr. Stripe's ring. You'd need to defeat the couple to recover the 

When fighting the couple, DO NOT KILL THE MAN. Killing the man will 
anger the girl so much that she sends in some deadly attacks that 
destroy your entire party in one hit. Instead, slow both of them down, 
and use special attacks (Y) to attack only the girl. Heal when 

Once the girl is defeated, you'll get the ring. Return it to Dr. Stripe 
at the Symposium to complete the first bonus mission.

You'll get Dr. Whimple's quest after you defeat the gorilla with Mr. 
Tails. Dr. Whimple (his name is "Ernald") is at the same southeastern 
corner of the second room at the Symposium. Talk to him to trigger the 
petition (for some pee machine) quest.

You'll need to get six persons to sign the petition, and they're all 
in the same room. Each person that you approach will point your 
direction to the next one, so it isn't difficult at all. Refer to the 
following diagram for the sequence to complete this quest.

                           |       Stage/ K       |
                           |  ------------------  |
                           |                      |
                           |  6            2      |
                           |                      |
                           |                      |
                           |        5  1          |
                           |                      |
                           |                4     |
                           |                      |
                           |                      |
                           |                      |
                           -       3           W  |
            To reception <--                      |

            K - Dr. Krangle's location (on stage)
            W - Dr. Whimple's location
            1 - First Doctor (blond dude)
            2 - Dr. Stripe (from the wedding ring quest)
            3 - Dr. Twee
            4 - Dr. Drei
            5 - Dr. Quatromain
            6 - Dr. Blood

Once done, return to Dr. Whimple to end the quest. The achievement 
should unlock right away.

ENDGAME (15)                                                 [PARC209]
Description: Collect a ticket to the World's Fair

After the petition, go to the stage to trigger a scene. This will 
eventually lead to the third major boss fight of the game. It's not 
exactly something you've not experienced before, so just fight normally 
(items, special attacks, heal, etc.) to defeat it. Note that by now, 
you should have unlock Mr. Tails as a supporting character, so use him 
as and when he's charged up. He deals over 1100 damage to any enemy, 
so he's pretty useful during boss fights. 

Once done, you'll unlock the World's Fair location, as well as the 
ticket to the fair for the achievement.

THE STRENGTH TO RULE (20)                                    [PARC210]
Description: Reach Level 30 for all party members

If you fight and defeat most enemies over the course of the game, you 
should get this achievement at the World's Fair after killing some 
enemies. This one requires more persistence than anything. 

STEEL CANNIBAL (20)                                          [PARC211]
Description: Upgrade all weapons with robot parts

There are plenty of robots hidden in the various maps. If you success-
fully defeat a bunch of them, you'll get robot parts as reward. When 
you call up the map, the amount of robot parts available in the maps 
are shown. For example, the Sanitorium has 320 robot parts. 

Go to Anne-Claire with the parts to upgrade your weapons. The charact-
ers have three upgrades each. For Gabe's final upgrade, you'lld need to 
pick up the Manacles of the Iron Maiden after you complete the "Brain 
Game" at the Sanitorium. For Tycho's final upgrade, you'd need to pick 
up one of the books when fighting Charles at the Riverbrook apartment. 

Later in the game, Anne-Claire goes missing. You can still upgrade 
weapons at the World's Fair, with a machine called the "Ameliorator". 
The achievement should unlock a short while after you leave the upgrade 

I understand that this achievement may be glitched for some. I'd 
suggest saving the game right before you upgrade the final weapon just 
in case. If it doesn't unlock, reload the save and try again. I believe 
that the game has been patched, but just in case. 

CAN'T NOBODY HOLD YOU DOWN (15)                              [PARC212]
Description: Defeat the Final Boss of the game

The final boss is Dr. Mundo's evil robot. By now, you should have Dr. 
Blood as a supporting hero, so use him whenever you can, since he's 
extremely strong against robots, dealing over 4,000 damage at times. 
As usual, take out the supporting enemy robots before attacking the big 
bot. The big bot is weak against special attacks (Y), and with fully 
upgraded weapons and full damage (successfully completing the attack 
mini-games), you can deal over 1000 damage per turn. Keep health up by 
healing when possible. Your character's weapon has a Bleed effect that 
helps very slightly, while Mr. Tails can also help with 1100+ damage 
each time he gets to attack. 

Note, however, that if you fail to block the bot's attacks, your attack 
stats will drop, and soon special attacks will become rather ineffective.

Once you reduce the boss' health (he has over 15000 health!) down, he 
will somehow heal himself fully, which leads to the second phase of the 
battle. This is when Anne-Claire shows up with the Anne-Claire robot. 
You'll now control the Anne-Claire bot. Note the buttons at bottom 
left corner of the screen. It'll charge in the following sequence:

Y - Attack-up effect
X - Special Attack 
A - Speed-down effect

Once A is charged up, press it to do a "Final Hug" move. This will 
reduce the evil bot's speed tremendously. Next, when "Y" is ready, 
press the button to increase Anne-Claire's bot's attack power. Finally, 
attack with "X" to deal a full-blown (70000+ damage) attack on the 
evil bot to end the fight. 

The achievement should unlock during the cut-scene.

I consider the guide complete at this point in time. I hope it's a 
good help for people who're stuck, and a good read for those who just 
wanted to read something. Feedback/ better ways to do achievements are 
welcomed at the usual email address. 

Version 1.00: Guide completed (1/29).

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