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Where can I find the shinobi moji in mission 5 and mission 9?

In mission 5 i cant seem to find i looed everywhere and in mission 9 i think i just went the wrong way wich side is it on and at what point?


lil_phlip answered:

In mission 5 the shinobi is in the area right befor u fight the second boss thing its right when you enter the area u go straight passed the broken pipes with the air that comes out of them then right befor yu run across the wall hing u jump down on the platform beneith it

In mission 9 after you beat the father for the 1st time[not when you beat him with the helicopter] you take the obsticle root and right befor you jump down on the ground were there is alot of water and you can see the helicopter you use ninja vision and break the cracked then use ninja vision again and break the other cracked wall inside the room then go out and turn to your left around the corner youll find the other shinobi cracked wall
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