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Slumber Forest?

Im trying to clear the first quest but i cant find any other exit? there is one to the northeast but thats the one with the two chest that contains a thunder and a bone Bracelet. Is the exit in that location? i cant seem to find another exit anywere else, beside the one to the northwest exit and that get you out of the forest and bring u too the world map. any answer will help thanks

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manohart answered:

As far as I know you don't "clear" quests on the map. They signify an "explore area" which has different game mechanics than other areas. You simply just need to go in one end and out the other so you can continue on your journey on the world map.
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Davinius7 answered:

MrMWH is correct. Areas marked QUEST are exploration areas. The only thing to do in said areas are find treasure, random battles and sometimes boss battles at the end. The first QUEST point does not have a boss, so just grab the treasures and leave and continue to your destination. Also, quest areas do not count as a turn, so you can visit them as often as you like, and get into as many random battles as you want to without fear of taking up all of your turns.
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