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Asked: 4 years ago

What Characters stay in the party through out all generations? (With out cloning)

What Characters stay in the party through out all generations without having to clone them?

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Do Ellis, Borgnine, Ferva. Winnfield and Vira-Lorr return to generation 3, 4, 5?

Additional details - 4 years ago

OK. SO that is Ellis, Borgnine, Ferva, Winnfield, Vira-Lorr who else stays through out all generations?

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From: Arcane_Weapon 4 years ago

Complete list would be:

Ellis, Borgnine, Winfield, Vira-Lorr, Zerva, Arbol, Sharona, Plum, Gantz, Alberti, Qua, Fer, and Reverie.

If you're going for True Ending you HAVE to resurrect (clone) the other characters.


Vashtor leaves in Gen 4, but can be re-obtained in Gen 5 if you follow the True Ending.

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Ellis, Borgnine, Ferva. Winnfield, Vira-Lorr are the characters that return to Generation 2.

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Yes they return through out all the Generations, 2-5.

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