Mutagen Guide by mealypudding

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 /   \______| |\/| |/ _ \ '_ \  | | | | '__| |/ _` | | '_ \/ __|
/ /^\ \     | |  | |  __/ | | | \ \_/ / |  | | (_| | | | | \__ \
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| )   ( || (   ) || (    | )   ( || (    \/| (    )|   ) (   |  \  ( || (    \/
| | _ | || |   | || |    | |   | || (__    | (____)|   | |   |   \ | || (__    
| |( )| || |   | || |    ( (   ) )|  __)   |     __)   | |   | (\ \) ||  __)   
| || || || |   | || |     \ \_/ / | (      | (\ (      | |   | | \   || (      
| () () || (___) || (____/\\   /  | (____/\| ) \ \_____) (___| )  \  || (____/\
(_______)(_______)(_______/ \_/   (_______/|/   \__/\_______/|/    )_)(_______/


This guide includes all the locations of the mutagens in X-men Origins 
Wolverine. They are listed in the order you'll find them with the chapter and
level names. Hope its easy enough to follow as this is my first guide.

**I did not write this guide it is taken from DemonI81 from xbox360 forums**
**Header is taken from NinelnchNaiIs's Trophy Guide**


Mutagen Locations
Chapter 1: Origins

Strykerís Offer
(Healing Factor 1)
You will lose all your special abilities and then speak to Doctor Frost over a
monitor. After this you must climb up to and through a vent. Once you exit the
vent you must drag a box so you can jump up to the Power Cell. Before grabbing
the Cell, turn left and jump up to the next level

A Frosty Reception
(Rampage 1)
When you enter the hallway with the mounted machine guns, small cutscene, 
follow the hall straight to the end, go through the door and down to get your 

(Vitality 1)
After using the 2 shields to move up past the mounted turret, head through the
door, follow the path around to the right, up some stairs. Go into the door on
the left and turn left to find your next Mutagen.

(Experienced 1)
After meeting your first Grenadier, go all the way straight and turn right.
It's in the corner.

The Escape
(Inner Rage 1)
When you enter a large room with a Truck you must pull out to jump up to a 
ledge and cross 2 beams. When you pull the truck out you will notice the 
obvious route is to the left, turn on Feral Senses and look straight/right, 
you will see a small opening with a green ledge. Jump to that ledge, pull 
yourself up, and head through the opening to the left to grab this Mutagen.

(Samurai 1)
Keep following the Doctor and girl, eventually you will see them for a second
and he will yell for help, this is the 2nd time you see him, after the lift. 
After killing all the enemies pry the door open and instead of following the 
footprints to the door on the right, go to the left to grab your next Mutagen.

Chapter 2: The Frozen Tundra

Team X
(Unstoppable 1)
You will fall through the floor. Pull the statue straight out of the hole in 
the wall and jump up.

Iím The Best There Is
(Shredder 1)
Right behind you when the level starts.

(Art of War 1)
When you reach the point where you must climb up and shimmy on a long ledge, 
after fighting a bunch of machine gun guys, shimmy all the way to the right 
and grab this Mutagen before heading up the hill.

(Savage 1)
Once you cut down the skinny metal tower to cross the gap, cross the gap and 
turn right. After grabbing Dog Tag continue forward from the body. You will 
see a frozen cave down and to the left. Enter this to grab this Mutagen. 

(Blood Rage 1)
When in the area where you fight tons of guys, mostly machine gun guys, a few
big shield guys. While looking at the forklift, go left and down the stairs
into the little alcove.

(Rampage 2)
After dodging back and forth to get across the bridge and avoid the helicopter,
go to your right and up a tiny set of stairs.

(Healing Factor 2)
After grabbing the last Mutagen and killing all the enemies, go up the ladder,
fight a few more enemies and find this Mutagen in this room by the exit door.

(Vitality 2)
You will cross a fallen tree, then climb a small ledge, look right. There's a 
fallen tree leading into a cave. The Mutagen is in the back near the sword and

(Experienced 2)
when you enter the room with the sniper, keep moving to the end of the room.
Go past the stairs and around the corner to the left.

Chapter 3: Days of Future Beginnings

Project Wideawake
(Inner Rage 2)
After exiting the vent turn around and go straight back to the door to pick
this Mutagen up.

(Samurai 2)
After the insanely long elevator ride down you find yourself back in the
jungle. Go over by the rope you must cut. Look up to see a small wooden
platform hanging over the edge with the Mutagen on it. You can double jump and
grab the wood to pull yourself up to this mutagen.

(Unstoppable 2)
When you enter the are that has a large lower part with 3 large statues on 
the left. Go down the stairs on the right, fight off the machete guy then go 
look under the stairs for this Mutagen.

Ravenís Explanation
(Shredder 2)
After the cutscene go all the way to the right to grab this Mutagen.

Bolivar Trask
(Art of War 2)
Keep following the footprints until you enter a large room with several machine
gun guys. Run around the walkway until you enter a room with 2 sets of controls
by a large window. Go through the teleporter and turn left. Go all the way left
and look up at the structure the teleporter is attached to. Jump and grab the 
edge of the wood and pull yourself up to grab the Mutagen.

(Blood Rage 2)
Move the teleporter with the controls all the way right, through a wall. Now go
through and pick up your Mutagen

(Savage 2)
Head down the elevator, turn left off the elevator and head across the walkway
to this Mutagen.

Wideawakeís Secret
(Healing Factor 3)
Get on the teleporter controls and move it all the way left, through the wall.
Go through to grab this Mutagen.

(Vitality 3)
After a short elevator ride down you enter a room with a Sentinel torso hanging
and several large moving platforms. Get on the platform to the right, cross to
another. When the 2nd one stops, get off to the right and climb the ladder, to
the right of the ladder is a mutagen.

Finding Agent Zero
(Experienced 3)
Shimmy along a ledge, jump a waterfall and continue shimmying. Once you pull
yourself up head all the way left to find a dogtag. Head right, over to the
waterfall. Jump onto the stairs and head in to grab this Mutagen.

Aim for the Head
(Inner Rage 3)
When you enter the room with the Sentinel hand, it is in the top right corner.

(Rampage 3)
After going down the lift search the room passing a couple ladders. The Mutagen
is found up a few stairs, to the left of a ladder.

(Samurai 3)
From the teleporter controls, go left. The Mutagen is on the right side of the

(Art of War 3)
After the cutscene with Mystique and Wraith turn around. The mutagen is on the

Chapter 4: Mardi Gras

The Corbeau Casino
(Blood Rage 3)
After fighting the Assassin, head through the small doorway on the right of the
big door to find this Mutagen.

High Rollers Lounge
(Savage 3)
While moving around the building 2 Assassins will break through a window on the
left. Throw them off the edge then enter the window they came from for this 

Chapter 5: The Wolverine

The Beginning of the End
(Shredder 3)
After crossing the gap you come to a long set of floor spike. Half way down the
spikes, on the left side is a boarder up door. Break in and grab this Mutagen.

(Unstoppable 3)
Once you get up to the part where you cut the rope holding the movable block 
and kick if off the edge, do NOT jump down. Turn around and break down the door
behind you for this Mutagen.