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Good Samaritan and Naughty Naughty?

Does anyone have any clue as to what these are for, and how you unlock them?
any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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mvg999 answered:

Always play as the Rookie to get these two achievements.

Naughty naughty: (somehow reminds me of Crash Bandicoot ^^)
Start playing New Mombasa as the Rookie and walk/drive around untill you find engineers. Kill 10 of them; achievement unlocked.

Good Samaritan: (Old Testament :) )
Start playing Prepare to drop as the Rookie and finsh the entire game without killing a single engineer: achievement unlocked.
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Death_Grunty answered:

Kill 10 Engineers for Naughty Naughty, or leave them be for Good Samaritan.
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Mirage2KN answered:

^Has to be done as The Rookie, though.
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PhilR1 answered:

What happens if the engineers blow themselves up after you kill a squad which has happens to me all the time. Do you still get the Good Samaritan achievement or do they have to be alive?

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dead_man_typing answered:

Good Samaritan - do not kill BY ATTACKING any Engineers. Self destructs DO NOT COUNT.
Naughty Naughty - kill 10 Engineers. Again, self destruct DOES NOT COUNT.
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zo0zoo answered:

What happens if the engineers blow themselves up after you kill a squad which has happens to me all the time. Do you still get the Good Samaritan achievement or do they have to be alive?


you have to just walk around them

so no u wont get it
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rsharp7879 answered:

Yeah, I just completed the campaign on Legendary, and didn't kill any Engineers, either as the Rookie or any of the other characters. However, early on while playing Mombasa Streets, I killed a squad and one Engineer I didn't get Good Samaritan.

I went back to Mombasa Streets on easy and killed 10 to get Naughty Naughty. Now I just have to replay the whole campaign again to get Good Samaritan...ugh.
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boom342 answered:

Naughty, Naughty and Good Samaritan can only be done in the campaign.

Naughty,Naughty is done by shooting 10 engineers until they explode.

Good Samaritan is done by not SHOOTING a single engineer throughout the entire campaign (except for the level where you have to escort the Phantom in the Banshees).
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PhilR1 answered:

Hmm I'm a little confused because I'm on the level with the Rookie where he goes underfround - Data Hive I believe and I got the Good Samaritan achievement yet I have killed all the squads with the engineer with them who self destructed. How can this be if you're not supposed to get the achievement if any die? I promise you that's the truth so maybe you can get the achievement just as long as you personally don't kill any of the engineers. This is most strange.
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ArMaethor answered:

I didn't kill any Engineers as the Rookie, and got it as soon as I went into the Data Hive level. I got it on Heroic difficulty if this helps.
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_SavageJack_ answered:

To get the Good achievement you must play through an entire campaign without killing any engineers as Rookie. You can kill everything else (this will auto kill an engineer but it wont be your kill) and kill engineers on flashback missions without consequences. To get Naughty you must play through another campaign and kill the engineers as Rookie (their self destruct wont count, so kill them first). Not sure how many, someone said 10 but I would kill as many as you can (unless there are only 10). Oh and some are in offbeat areas so keep searching.
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ultimatenumber4 answered:

There are more than 10 of them if that helps anyone. I just got the naughty naughty achievement and i still see them around. So maybe you can just load up after the second mission and hunt them down without having to play through the entire game.
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Dragonslayerkai answered:

So the answer is, as I got good samaritain litterally 1 min ago, is just don't kill any engineers as rookie. Self destruct don't count, as you aren't doing the killing. The achievement comes at the start of data hive. If ou didn't get it, you mis have killed one at some point and not realized it. And it has to be through the entire campain. Solved for good
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Numbnuts answered:

As long as you don't see the Naughty Naughty counter on the right side of the screen show up when they explode, you're good.
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Janitor_Ninj4 answered:

This happened to me and I got quite frustrated. I was right near the end of the game and I threw a grenade into a group of Brutes that had an Engineer near by. I managed to kill the brutes quickly and the Engineer did what they do best, blow up. Well, don't you know it I get dinged for 'Naughty Naughty'! What happened is that the Engineer got damaged ever so slightly from the blast and when it died, it gave me the 'point' per say. Much like multiplayer in Halo two and three. If you damage somebody and then they get killed by the environment, you get the point.

So the moral of the story: Make sure the Engineer is outside of the damage radius of the grenade before throwing.
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Vyse_14 answered:

Here is the full answer.

While playing through the main story you play as many characters. Both Naughty Naughty and Good Samaritan are only available to the Rookie. While you play as him you are given a choice to get one or the other.

GS: Play through the game, while you play as a rookie do not shoot the engineers, do not kill them, often times if you kill a brute nearby them they self distruct. As long as you do not see a progress bar for NN then you are fine. Once you beat the game then you should get GS.

NN: Go around and shoot up the engineers while you play as the rookie. But remember shoot them first before any brutes. If you kill a brute and the engie self distructs, you will not get the kill. If you use a sniper rifle on them even on legendary you can kill them in like 4 shots. I am unsure if you play through the game, beat it, and then when you continue (you continue from the rookie back in NM) if you go back around killing engies you will get NN even after you got GS during the same game.
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hesel answered:

Location of Engineers can been found on this image.

Hope that helps.
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