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Unlocking 5-Man Firefight?

How do you unlock the option for 5 man firefight?

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mvg999 answered:

That lock is not on the 5 players position. It's just next to the 4 players position. When you select it it locks your party so no one else can join.

There is no 5 player ff.
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lygerzero189 answered:

There is no 5 man firefight.
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PeterLocke answered:

There is no 5-man Firefight option.
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stashbizy020 answered:

Y is there a lock on 5 in max party size option??????
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sonicfreak8 answered:

There is no such thing as a 5-man Firefight. The highest amount of players in a single firefight is just 4.
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Nick1925 answered:

If u notice on the back of the game box it says 1-4 players. and in the lobbies.
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MrTurnip answered:

The first rule of Firefight is that there is no 5-man Firefight.
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Ossendar answered:

Chuck Norris
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AlaskanBlues answered:

That's not a lock on the five for firefight, that's a lock so the party is closed and no other player can enter the game, even with a invite.
And sadly, no, you can not have a five player game of Fire fight.
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