Question from Morgalaga

Asked: 5 years ago

Is there an auto save so I don't have to beat games in one sitting?

Some of the games can take awhile to beat. I would like to be able to save and quit.

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From: metroid00700 5 years ago

Yes, 3 save states for each game.

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Back in the old games, all the kids could beat those first Sonic games in one sitting. Some other games would benifit from it, but you should be able to do the first two Sonic games without it, jusr for oldtimes sake.

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All games will autosave your high scores without requiring anything from you. To save your progress, you'd select it from the menu (Back button).

Great for games like Vectorman and Kid Chameleon that aren't exactly 'sit-n-go' Sega titles.

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