Walkthrough by CDyer

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The cave in the upper right-hand corner contains a treasure chest
with 50 Mesetas.  (This cave is also called a warehouse.)

You need to have a transfer, when you go to fight Lassic.  That
way, you don't have to worry about Myau dying.

You can get the Laconian Pot in the house in the upper-left
corner. (It will automatically be given to you.)

If you have attained 200 Mesetas (by killing Sworms and
Scorpions), head for the town of Scion, which is right of
Camineet. Go to the secondhand shop that sells secrets, and try
to purchase secrets three times.  The third time, you will
receive the ROAD PASS.

Return to Camineet, and replenish your hit points (HP) in the
rest house.  Remember, the rest house is where you can be
replenished for free.

Head left to the spaceport, and purchase a PASSPORT for 100

Fly to Motavia and find the shop that sells rare secrets.  When
asked if you want to buy a rare animal, say "No", you will then
be asked if you want to trade.  Say "Yes", and you will receive
MYAU in trade for the Laconian Pot.  Myau has the ALSULIN around
her neck (check her item screen).

Return to Palma, and exit Camineet.  South of the fortress is a
cave where you will find ODIN (he is turned to stone).  Use the
Alsulin on him, and he will awaken.  Also in this cave, you will
find a treasure chest with the COMPASS.  The Compass will allow
you to enter the Eppi Forest (South of the cave).  Note: "Use"

Talk to the leader in the Eppi Forest and he will tell you where
to find the dungeon key which enables you to enter locked
dungeons.  To find the dungeon key, go back to the "Warehouse"
(the same cave you found the original 50 Mesetas).  There will be
another chest with the DUNGEON KEY.

Exit Camineet and head North to the coast line (far North of
Scion), and enter the cave.  Four levels down you will buy a
SWEETCAKE for 1,000 Mesetas.

Return to the city of Paseo on Motavia.  Enter the cave guarded
by the 2 guards.  Give the larger one the Sweetcake, and he will
let you pass to see the GOVERNOR (Follow the Gold hallway to the
Governor's Mansion.)  The GOVERNOR will give you the LETTER.

Return to Paseo and exit the city in the upper left corner.  Walk
around the Antlions to the left, and follow the mountains,
eventually, you will arrive at the Mahara Cave, in the upper left
of the mountains.  There you will find NOAH.  If you give her the
Letter, she will go with you.

Return to the spaceport.  In the lower left corner, go down the
orange manhole.  On the other side of the tunnel, you will arrive

Exit Gothic and head south to the Prison in the mountains.  Here
you will find DR. LUVENO whom you will need to see several times
before he agrees to accompany your group.

Return to the tunnel connecting Gothic and the spaceport.  Take
the branch to the right, in the tunnel, and on the other side of
the door is Dr. Luveno's ASSISTANT.  If you have the Doctor, the
Assistant will accompany you.

Return to Gothic, and exit to the right.  Head down to the
coastline, and go left and up around the mountains.  Cross the
Lava pit on the sides (be quick, don't stop and fight!)
Immediately to the left is the Bortevo Junkyard.  Above Bortevo,
is a tunnel that will take you to the other side of the water.
Follow the coastline around to the right, and you will find the
City of Loar (Replenish yourself after the Lava pits.)  Proceed
up to the left and around the mountains.  There you will find the
City of Abion.  In Abion, you will find the POLYMYTRL in the
first Food shop.  Also, on the left side of the city, there is a
cave (like the one in Camineet.)  Go in and kill Dr. Mad, and you
will receive the LACONIAN POT for the second time.

Return to Bortevo Junkyard, and go to the house with the blue
door.  Use the Polymytrl in front of the junkpile, and you will

Return to Gothic.  The two houses in the middle (not destroyed)
of Gothic have Dr. Luveno and his assistant.  See Dr. Luveno 3
times, and the third time he will have built the Spaceship.  To
the left of Dr. Luveno's lab is a Monk.  He will now let you by,
and to his left, you will see the completed SPACESHIP.

Fly to Uzo on Motavia and head southeast.  There you will find
the Casba Cave.  Enter and kill the Casba Dragon, and you will
receive the AMBER EYE.  On the other side is the City of Casba.
There you can buy the LANDROVER and you will talk to a villager,
who will ask you if you have ever heard of the HOVERCRAFT.  You
must tell him "Yes," and he will tell you where it is.  Return to
Uzo, and talk to the villagers, one will tell you where the FLUTE
is buried.  Return to Bortevo Junkyard, and enter the very first
house on Alis' left.  Go in and "Search", and you will
automatically receive the HOVERCRAFT.  Return to Gothic.  Go to
the bottom left corner and at the dead end with one tree, use
"Search", and you will receive the FLUTE.

Return to Palma.  Go down and to the right from Scion, using the
Hovercraft.  You will find a floating island.  Enter the city on
the island, and find the Dungeon.  In the dungeon, you will find
a shop where you can buy the GAS SHIELD.

Return to Motavia.  Head up and to the left, to the Poison Gas
field.  In the middle, is the city of Sopia.  The leader will
tell you about the MIRROR SHIELD, which is used against Medusa.
To find it, leave Sopia, and head left to the lake.

In the middle of the lake, you will find an island with one
Antlion, and a few cacti.  Head down from the Antlion, to the
first cactus, and use "Search."  You will then receive the MIRROR

Return to Palma and go to Gothic.  Exit Gothic, and head down to
the mountains.  Left of where you found Dr. Luveno is Medusa's
Tower (red inside).  At the top of the tower, fight Medusa.  Once
she is killed, you will receive the LACONIAN AXE.

Return to Scion, using the Hovercraft.  Directly to the right of
Scion, there is a floating tower.  Kill all the Red Dragons you
come upon, and when you kill the correct dragon, he will leave
you a chest with the LACONIAN SWORD in it.

Go to Skure on Dezoris.  Make your way through the three tunnels,
directly to the left of Skure.  Once the last one is exited,
proceed right, to find another tunnel.  Go through it, and once
you have exited, you will come upon a Dezorian Village.  There
you can buy the ICE DIGGER.  The Ice Digger can only be used in 2
places.  One is to get to the Altiplano Plateau (Laerma Nut
Tree), the other is to get to the Prism.

Go through the three tunnels that lead away from Skure.  Proceed
left.  You will find a place, all the way to the left, where you
can use your Ice Digger to dig South through the mountains to a
lone cave.  Make your way through the cave, killing all the
Titans. When you kill the correct one, there will be a Chest
containing the PRISM.

Exit the cave, proceed North, and you will find the tunnel
leading to the Corona Tower (dark red inside).  Make your way
through the Tower, and eventually, you will find a Dezorian, who
will ask you if you want to trade the Amber Eye for the Torch.
Tell him "Yes," and you will receive the TORCH.

Proceed back through the tunnel.  Exit the tunnel, head North,
and you will find the Guaron Morgue (everything you fight in here
is Zombies!)  Make your way through the Guaron Morgue, using
Noah's "Tele" spell.  There is a pit trap in front of one of the
doors.  Stand before it and use Myau's "Trap" spell to disarm the
trap. Enter the door to find the Chest, which contains the

Head down around the mountains to the left, from the Morgue and
you will find another tunnel.  Go through the tunnel and find the

Go back to where you exited the third cave (from Skure), facing
North.  Turn left, and move a few spaces, then turn left.  Then
use your Ice Digger.  A whole will open, which you can follow to
a tree that is all by itself in a circular clearing.  Use the
Torch on the tree, and you will receive the LAERMA NUTS.

Return to Motavia.  In the mountains, South of the lake where you
previously obtained the Mirror Shield, is a cave (pink inside).
Find Tajima and fight him.  Once he is beaten, you will receive

Return to Scion.  North of Scion is the Baya Malay Tower,
surrounded by a wall.  Enter the tower with Noah's "Open" magic.
Answer "No" when the Robot Cop asks you if you have your pass,
then kill him.  When you exit the tower, you will be on the other
side of the wall.  Head left and up to the cave.  Go through the
cave and you will be at a Lava Pit.  Use the Hovercraft to cross
the Lava Pit, and down to the Left will be the Baya Malay Tower
(Refer to map for instructions.)
On the first level, there are two sets of stairs that head up.
If you take the back stairs and go up three more levels, you will
find, behind a door, Damor, The Soothsayer.  Answer "Yes" to all
his questions, until he asks you if you believe everything he has
said, then say "No."  Then he will ask you if you are calling him
a liar, say "No," and he will give you the CRYSTAL.
NOTE:  You can't actually use the Crystal.  It will protect you
without using it.  Head back to Level one, and take the stairs
heading up in the lower right corner.  Follow the instructions on
the enclosed map.  If you explore the levels, you will come upon

Once you have gone through Level thirteen, you will be on the
roof of the Baya Malay Tower (You'll see blue skies, forest,
etc.)  Use the Prism, and then use the Laerma Nuts, and Myau will
fly to Lassic's Castle.

Find and defeat Lassic (when you find Lassic's Shadow, you are
very close!)  Once you have beaten Lassic, you will be instructed
to go to the Governor's Mansion.  In order to do this, Myau must
be alive, or you must have a Transfer, to return to Palma.

When you enter the Mansion, you will fall through a Pit Trap.
Follow the corridors, and you will eventually fall through two
more Pit Traps.  You will find yourself facing a two-way hall.
Go right and go around two corners.  Take three steps and face
the wall on the left- a secret door will be revealed.  Enter and
follow the corridor to a Magical Door.  At this time, heal
yourself with Burgers.

When you enter the door, you will be faced with the last enemy,
Dark Falz!  To beat him, we suggest this technique:

                         ALIS - "Fire"
                         MYAU - "Help" to Noah
                         ODIN - Attack with Laser Gun
                                (found in Skure)
                         NOAH - "Wind"

Written by Clint Dyer, for Sega of America