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          ************************* A GUIDE TO PHANTASY STAR           

          VOLUME ONE                                                   

          Part I: Introduction                                         

          PHANTASY STAR is one of the hottest games out for the Sega   
          entertainment system. It is, in a word, phenomenal.          
          Graphics sharp enough to make a razor look dull. Musical     
          tunes that range from lively to suspenseful, sad to          
          joyful. A complex, detailed quest. Adventure Role-Playing    
          at its finest. These features and more are all at your       
          fingertips in PHANTASY STAR, perhaps the most                
          sophisticated and advanced home video game available on      
          today's market.                                              

          You may have read my walkthru for the game, which can be     
          accessed by typing GO TEG-12222 at any prompt. If you want   
          some help on the game, but don't want to have the whole      
          game handed to you on a silver platter, this guide is        
          written to help you without doing the game for you.          

          Part II: The Characters                                      

          There are four characters in PHANTASY STAR, though you       
          only start with one and must acquire the other three. This   
          section discusses the powers and limitations of each         

          ALIS:  Alis is the main character in Phantasy Star, the      
          one around whom the story revolves. Her brother Nero was     
          one of many people who rebelled actively against King        
          Lassic's evil tyranny and was executed by Lassic's           
          RobotCops. Alis vowed that somehow, someday, she would       
          destroy Lassic and avenge her brother's death.               

          Alis starts out armed only with her brother's Short Sword    
          and wearing only Leather Armor; however, as she acquires     
          the money to buy stronger armor and arms, she becomes more   
          and more powerful. Alis has the highest DEFENSE strength     
          of any character, so at optimum strength, she will usually   
          take the least amount of damage on average from enemy        
          attacks. Alis may use most of the weapons and armor          
          available in the game and she has six spells to use when     
          she learns them. These spells make Alis versatile and        
          round her out as an adventurer.                              

          MYAU:  Myau is an intelligent species of Algolian cat. He    
          stands about knee high to Alis, and his fur is tan and       
          white. Unlike most earthly cats, he has long, rabbit-like    
          ears and a very thick, bushy tail. He can speak the human    

          Myau starts out relatively weak but becomes very powerful    
          at later stages in the game. He cannot wear normal armor     
          or use normal weapons, but some shops carry special armor    
          and weapons exclusively useable by him. When Myau acquires   
          the more powerful of the two weapons available for him,      
          his ATTACK strength will be higher than anyone else's        
          until you acquire the magical Laconian weapons. At high      
          levels, he is an extremely potent fighter who can even the   
          odds in your favor. Myau also has a selection of six magic   
          spells with defensive or supportive functions. Myau has no   
          attack spells but his fighting power makes up for it. Myau   
          also has one special ability which you must learn;           
          harnessing this secret power is one of the major keys to     
          finding and defeating Lassic.                                

          ODIN: Odin is a brave and powerful warrior whom Alis was     
          told to find by Nero when he died. Odin is good in heart     
          and he also wishes to destroy Lassic to free the Algol       
          system from his tyranny.                                     

          Odin has no magical powers and cannot use magic spells.      
          However, he can use any armor and weapon except for the      
          special arms used by Myau. He alone can use the best armor   
          and weapon in the game and has the expertise to use the      
          potent gun weapons. His ATTACK strength is slightly lower    
          than Alis' except when he wields the game's most powerful    
          weapon, the mighty Laconian Axe.                             

          NOAH:  Noah is an Espar Wizard who lives on Motavia. She     
          is enlisted by Alis at a certain point in the game. While    
          Noah has no personal desire to crush Lassic, she has a       
          sense of duty and will agree to join you when you approach   
          her properly.                                                

          In combat, Noah is the weakest member of the party. She      
          can easily be slain if you are not careful. She has only a   

          limited number of armor and weapons to choose from.          
          However, Noah is the best magic-user in the game, having     
          nine versatile spells from which to choose. She has more     
          magic points than any other character, though they may       
          quickly run out if you cast too many spells. Still, at       
          high levels, Noah is a decent, if not powerful, combatant,   
          and can hold her own when supported by the rest of the       

          Part III: The Algol system                                   

          The Algol system has three planets which orbit the star      
          Algol, deep in the Andromeda Galaxy. To ultimately conquer   
          Lassic, you must eventually explore and become familiar      
          with all three planets.                                      

          PALMA:  Palma is the planet where the game starts. It is     
          the most developed of the three planets, and is similar to   
          Earth. Palma has wide, open meadow areas, forests,           
          mountains, oceans and rivers, and lava pits. There are       
          nine residential areas on Palma, as well as several caves    
          and four towers. The towers are particularly dangerous and   
          you should not venture into them until you have grown        

          MOTAVIA: This desert planet contains some of the game's      
          most important secrets. Motavia consists mostly of endless   
          sand dunes, dotted with ant lion pits. There are also        
          mountain ranges, a huge lake, and an area of deadly poison   
          gas, which cannot be crossed without a protective device.    
          Motavia is only partially settled by the Palmans, though     
          it does have a Spaceport and a major town. There are four    
          residential areas on Motavia, as well as three caves. Each   
          cave has an important item.                                  

          DEZORIS: This planet is a rough place to be. There is only   
          one Palman town here, along with a village of Native         
          Dezorians somewhere amongst the ice mountains. Dezoris is    
          a world of ice, consisting entirely of ice mountains, with   
          several glacial plateaus nestled among them. The Dezorians   
          have built a series of tunnel networks through the           
          mountains to connect the glacial plateaus with each other.   
          Two of the tunnel entrances are actually caves; each cave    
          has a very important item. There's also a tower, and one     
          other building, somewhere on Dezoris, each also with an      
          important item.                                              

          Part IV: Weapons                                             

          You eventually want to acquire the strongest weapons you     
          can, in order to defeat Lassic. Many weapons can be          
          bought; some weapons are unique and must be found.           

          There are five different kinds of weapons in the game:       
          Swords, Fangs, Axes, Guns and Staves. They are each listed   
          below separately.                                            

          SWORDS:  The most basic weapons of the game. Alis and Odin   
          can use any sword; one sword may also be wielded by Noah.    

          Short Sword: Alis starts the game carrying one. You can      
          also buy it in one Armory. It is the only sword that Noah    
          can use. This sword is a rather poor weapon with an attack   
          strength of only +4.                                         

          Iron Sword: Sold in one Armory. It is not exceptionally      
          powerful, though it is good in the early stages of the       
          game. You should get one when you can and upgrade later.     
          The Iron Sword has an attack strength of +12.                

          Titanium Sword: Sold in one Armory This weapon is            
          relatively strong and can be used in the early and median    
          stages of the game. It has an attack strength of +21.        

          Ceramic Sword: This sword is powerful and can be used in     
          median stages of the game; possibly some of the early        
          advanced stages. It is sold in one Armory. Its attack        
          strength is +31.                                             

          Light Saber: Sold in one Armory, this is the strongest       
          store-bought weapon available. It can be used in most of     
          the advanced stages of the game, due to its attack           
          strength of +46.                                             

          Laconian Sword: This magic sword is unique and you must      
          find it. It is the strongest sword in the game and is used   
          in the game's most advanced stages. It is the only weapon    
          which will give Alis an attack strength as high as Myau's.   
          The Laconian Sword has an attack strength of +60.            

          FANGS:  Fangs are special weapons for Myau, exclusive for    

          Iron Fang: This fang is unique and must be found. It is a    
          median-level weapon that gives Myau his first boost in       

          combat power. The Iron Fang has an attack strength of +10.   

          Silver Fang: Sold in an Armory. When Myau acquires this      
          weapon, he becomes an extremely powerful fighter. With an    
          attack strength of +30, the Silver Fang serves Myau well,    
          even in the most advanced stages of the game.                

          AXES: These weapons are very heavy, so Alis cannot wield     
          them. Only Odin is strong enough to wield them.              

          Iron Axe: Odin starts the game with one of these, and you    
          can also buy one in an Armory. It's a good opening weapon,   
          but should be upgraded early. It has an attack strength of   

          Laconian Axe: This magical battle axe is unique and must     
          be found. It is the only weapon which will give Odin a       
          higher attack strength than Myau. The Laconian Axe has a     
          phenomenal attack strength of +80.                           

          GUNS:  Only Odin has the necessary expertise to use these    
          items. They do only moderate damage, but they have the       
          advantage of shooting each enemy in an encounter- meaning    
          if you are in a fight with five Manticores, each manticore   
          will suffer damage from a gun every round. Also, guns        
          never miss; no monster can dodge an attack from any gun.     
          Guns are especially useful for exterminating large groups    
          of low-strength monsters.                                    

          Needle Gun: An opening level gun that is not really too      
          effective, but is useable in the early stages of the game.   
          It is sold in one Armory, and does 5 points of damage to     
          all foes each round.                                         

          Heat Gun: This gun is more useful. It is useable in median   
          stages of the game. It is sold in two Armories, and does     
          10 points of damage to all foes each round.                  

          Laser Gun: This gun is strong enough to be used in           
          advanced stages of the game. It is sold in one Armory and    
          it does 20 points of damage to all foes each round.          

          STAVES: These weapons are the only weapons besides the       
          Short Sword that are useable by Noah. Alis and Odin can      
          use them too, but should not as they have stronger weapons   
          to use.                                                      

          Wood Cane: Noah starts the game with one of these, and it    
          is also sold in one Armory. It is a poor weapon with an      
          attack strength of only +3.                                  

          Wand: Sold in one Armory, this is a decent, if not strong,   
          weapon. Its attack strength is +10.                          

          Part V: Armor                                                

          Armor is used to reduce the damage of enemy attacks and,     
          like weapons, you should upgrade armor as soon as you can.   
          There are three kinds of armor: standard armor, fur, and     

          STANDARD ARMOR: Alis and Odin use these.                     

          Leather Armor: Alis starts the game wearing this armor,      
          and it can also be bought in one Armory. It is very poor     
          armor and should be upgraded quickly. Leather Armor has a    
          defense strength of +5.                                      

          Light Suit: Similar to Leather Armor but made of much        
          stronger material. It is good for Alis and should be         
          obtained quickly. The armor is sold in one Armory and it     
          has a defense strength of +15.                               

          Iron Armor: Odin starts the game with this armor. It is      
          too heavy for Alis to wear. Iron armor is also sold in one   
          Armory. Its defense strength is +20.                         

          Zirconian Armor: Sold in one Armory, this armor is good      
          for the median and early advanced stages of the game. It     
          has a defense strength of +30.                               

          Diamond Armor: Sold in one Armory. This armor is extremely   
          powerful, and worn in advanced stages of the game. It is     
          extremely expensive, but well worth it, since it provides    
          a defense strength of +60.                                   

          Laconian Armor: This magic armor is unique and must be       
          found. Like the Iron Armor, it is very heavy, so Alis        
          cannot wear it. The Laconian Armor is protected with a       
          special safeguard that you cannot neutralize until an        
          advanced stage in the game. When you can do so, and you      
          find it, Odin will enjoy its amazing defense strength of     
          +80 for the rest of the game.                                


          FUR: Special armor for Myau, made excusively for him.        

          Thick Fur: This is the only form of armor available for      
          Myau, but it is easily obtained in an Armory near the        
          place where you first meet him, at a moderate price. Thick   
          fur will also provide Myau with a defense strength of +30.   

          MANTLES: Special protection for Noah, exclusive for her.     

          White Mantle: Noah starts the game wearing one of these,     
          and it is also sold in one Armory. This mantle is a symbol   
          of her exceptional knowledge and advanced education.         
          Unfortunately it is also poor protection, with a defense     
          strength of only +5.                                         

          Frad Mantle: Noah must find her old master and prove         
          herself worthy to him before he gives her this mantle. Its   
          defense strength is +40.                                     

          Part VI: Shields                                             

          Shields give additional protection from attacks so they      
          should also be acquired and upgraded frequently. There is    
          only one form of 'shield' available for Myau, while Noah     
          cannot use any kind of shield.                               

          Leather Shield: Sold in one Armory, the Leather Shield is    
          light but weak. Its defense strength is only +3.             

          Bronze Shield: This shield is sold in one Armory and is      
          too bulky for Alis to carry. It is also a weak shield,       
          with a defense strength of only +8.                          

          Iron Shield: Very heavy, but somehow Alis can carry one.     
          It is sold in one Armory and has a defense strength of +15.  

          Ceramic Shield: Made of a light but strong material, this    
          shield can be used in advanced stages of the game. It is     
          sold in two Armories and has a defense strength of +23.      

          Laser Shield: This high-technology shield is used in         
          advanced stages of the game. It is sold in one Armory. It    
          is expensive but it has a defense strength of +30.           

          Mirror Shield: This mystical shield is unique and must be    
          found. Only Odin can use it. You must find this shield to    
          defeat a particular monster in the game; Odin will want to   
          slay this monster for something it has. The defense          
          strength of the Mirror Shield is +40.                        

          Laconian Shield: This shield is also a unique magic shield   
          which must be found. Best suited for Alis, it is the         
          strongest shield in the game with a defense strength of +50. 

          Gloves: This padded footwear is for Myau. They are sold in   
          one Armory at a fairly expensive price. They are worth the   
          price since they provide a defense strength of +40.          

          Part VII: Miscellaneous Items                                

          Miscellaneous items are tools which are used repeatedly at   
          various points in your quest. They will all help you along   
          the way. Many items duplicate the effects of some of the     
          spells the characters have; they are useful in earlier       
          stages of the game, when you have not yet learned these      
          spells. Miscellaneous items can be separated into these      
          following sub-categories: Light Sources, Food,               
          Identification, Potions, Communicators, Protective           
          Devices, Vehicles, Keys, and SPECIAL, for the few items      
          not fitting into any of these categories.                    

          LIGHT SOURCES: Light is needed to see in most of the caves   
          and towers.                                                  

          Flash: This is a light that will help you see in dark        
          mazes. Each Flash may be used only once before burning       
          out. Flashes are sold in most Secondhand Shops.              

          Magic Lamp: This light, once bought, may be used             
          indefinitely. It is sold in some of the Secondhand Shops.    

          Torch: This light source is unique and must be found,        
          somewhere on the planet Dezoris. The native Dezorians        
          consider its light to be holy.                               

          FOOD: Food is sold in the First Food Shop and is used to     
          heal injuries.                                               

          Cola: Drinking a Cola restores up to 10 hit points of        
          damage. All first food shops carry Cola.                     

          Burgers: Eating a Burger will restore up to 40 points of     


          Two other items, not mentioned in the manual, can also be    
          considered food. Some of the townspeople and monsters will   
          tell you about Cake and Nuts of Laerma. If you decide that   
          these will be useful to you, you must find them and learn    
          how to use them.                                             

          IDENTIFICATION: You must carry proper identification         
          before you can access certain areas.                         

          Roadpass: This item will let you use conveyor belt           
          Roadways to the Palman Spaceport, and the town linked to     
          the Motavian Spaceport. You must make a deal of some kind    
          to get it.                                                   

          Passport: Once you gain entry to the Spaceport, you need a   
          Passport before you can board a Starship.                    

          POTIONS: Liquid substances contained in bottles. They have   
          special uses.                                                

          Alsulin: Myau carries it around his neck when Alis finds     
          him. Myau knows what it does, but he cannot open the bottle. 

          Polymeteral: A powerful acid that can dissolve any           
          substance, save only for Laconia. You must find out where    
          it comes in handy- and where it is sold.                     

          COMMUNICATORS: Used to communicate with some of the          
          monsters. Many of them will talk to you, but only a few      
          know your language. The others may only be spoken to with    
          magic spells or one of these devices. You may only use a     
          communicator device once; it is then used up.                

          Magic Hat: Equal in strength to Alis' CHAT spell and will    
          communicate with any creature that the CHAT spell will       
          work on. Sold in several Secondhand Shops.                   

          Sphere: Equal in strength to Noah's TELE spell and will      
          converse with all intelligent creatures in the game. Sold    
          in several Secondhand Shops.                                 

          PROTECTIVE DEVICES: These are special devices that will      
          provide protection against certain unnatural forces.         

          Gas Shield: This device allows you to cross the Poison Gas   
          area on Motavia safely. Sold in a warehouse.                 

          Crystal: This powerful item provides essential protection    
          when you come face to face with Lassic. You have to find a   
          certain person, and convince him to give you one.            

          VEHICLES: Quick transportation from place to place.          

          Landrover: This all-terrain vehicle is a very handy item.    
          It moves across all planet surfaces rapidly. It is sold in   
          a Secondhand Shop.                                           

          Hovercraft: This boat will cross all water bodies and will   
          also let you get across lava pits without taking any         
          damage. This vehicle has to be found; a certain man will     
          tell you where it is if you find him and talk to him about   

          Luveno Starship: You will eventually get a Starship built    
          for you, if you can find the man who builds it, and          
          convince him to do so. You will need this Starship to        
          travel to the planet Dezoris, which has no Spaceport.        

          Ice Digger: The most important of all vehicles, since it     
          is used to get two items that are absolutely required to     
          finish the game. It moves across the Dezorian ice fields     
          as easily as the Landrover, and can dig through the ice      
          mountains at two certain areas. The Ice Digger is sold on    
          Dezoris in a Secondhand Shop.                                

          KEYS: Used to open locked doors in mazes.                    

          Dungeon Key: Useable indefinitely, it opens all doors with   
          locks on them. A certain villager will tell you where it     
          is hidden.                                                   

          Miracle Key: This special key cannot be found until late     
          in the game. It opens doors with demon faces on them,        
          which are magically locked.                                  

          SPECIAL: Other assorted items that do not fit in with any    
          of the above sub-categories.                                 

          Transfer: This will magically whisk you back to the last     
          Church that you visited. It is used up after one use. It     
          only works on planet surfaces, not in a cave or tower.       
          It's sold in many Secondhand Shops.                          

          Escaper: This item will turn you all invisible just long     

          enough to escape an encounter. It is used up after one       
          use. Most Secondhand shops sell them.                        

          Compass: Used for finding direction, you need it to          
          navigate the unclear path through a certain forest.          

          Laconian Pot: This special item will serve Myau well in      
          two ways. You must figure out these uses.                    

          Flute: This nifty little item, after you find it, will       
          teleport you out of any maze. If played during combat, it    
          is supposed to put monsters to sleep, but this power         
          doesn't really work.                                         

          Hapsby: Hapsby is a robot made out of pure Laconia. You      
          must find him when you have the Luveno built, since only     
          Hapsby knows how to operate and fly the Starship.            

          Amber Eye: A precious gem embedded in the Casba Black        
          Dragon's head. You'll need to learn what to do with it.      

          Prism: This magical item will show you another world; a      
          place where no Starship can go. It will only work in one     
          special place which you will have to find.                   


          ************************* A GUIDE TO PHANTASY STAR           

          VOLUME TWO                                                   

          In Volume One I spoke about the main characters, and all     
          the items which you acquire in the game. Here I talk about   
          villages and towns, spells and general hints.                

          Part IX: Magic Spells                                        

          Alis, Myau and Noah can use magic spells, though only Noah   
          starts the game with the ability to use magic. Alis and      
          Myau start out with no magic power and must acquire it       

          The number of MAGIC POINTS that you have dictates how much   
          magic you can use. If you cast too many spells, you will     
          run out of magic points and will be unable to cast any       
          further spells until you go to a Hospital or one of the      
          two rest houses. Noah's spells can cost many magic points    
          so be sure to use them very sparingly.                       

          Spells are automatically 'learned' when you reach the        
          level necessary to learn them. You will still have to go     
          to a Hospital or a rest house before getting extra magic     

          ALIS' SPELLS: Alis acquires six magic spells. She has the    
          least number of magic points since her spells are not of     
          strong attack nature.                                        

          Heal: Alis learns this spell at 4th level. It restores up    
          to 20 points of damage. Uses 2 magic points.                 

          Bye: Alis learns this at 5th level. It insures you a quick   
          escape if you wish to flee an encounter. It uses 2 magic     

          Chat: Alis learns this at 6th level. It will allow her to    
          communicate with some of the monsters who speak their own    
          language. Uses 2 magic points.                               

          Fire: Alis learns this at 12th level. It shoots 2 balls of   
          fire at enemies in battle; each fireball does from 7 to 11   
          points of damage. If multiple opponents are being fought,    
          target creatures will be randomly selected. Spell uses 4     
          magic points.                                                

          Rope: Alis learns this at 14th level. It ties up a monster   
          and renders it unable to move or attack for up to three      
          rounds before it slips free. Uses 4 magic points.            

          Fly: This spell only works on planet surfaces. It whisks     
          you to the last Church you visted, even if it was on         
          another planet. Uses 8 magic points.                         

          MYAU'S SPELLS: Myau also acquires six spells. They are       
          mostly defensive.                                            

          Cure: Myau learns this at 6th level. It will restore up to   
          80 points of damage. Uses 6 magic points.                    

          Terr: Myau learns this at 9th level. Makes weaker monsters   
          recoil in fear. This spell does not seem useful since        
          monsters will attack even when under the influence of this   
          spell. Uses 2 magic points.                                  

          Wall: Myau learns this at 12th level. Creates a barrier      
          that will block all physical attacks. The stronger the       
          monsters, the shorter the duration of the Wall. With some    
          exceptionally strong monsters, it will disappear             
          immediately. Uses 6 magic points.                            

          Trap: Myau learns this at 15th level. Used to spot traps     
          in treasure chests and dungeons. Myau disarms them when he   
          spots them. Uses 2 magic points.                             

          Exit: Myau learns this at 17th level. Allows you to float    
          to the surface, out of any maze. The spell is wholly         
          superfluous since Noah gets the same spell early and you     
          will most likely have the flute when Myau reaches 17th       
          level. Spell uses 4 magic points.                            

          Help: Myau learns this at 20th level. Gives a special        
          boost of strength to the recipient, increasing likelihood    
          of scoring a hit and the amount of damage inflicted per      
          hit (if Odin is using a gun, the spell will not help him).   
          Uses 10 magic points.                                        

          NOAH'S SPELLS: Noah has nine spells. Some are defensive,     
          some mundane, and some are powerful attack spells. Noah      

          has more magic points than Alis or Myau; however, some of    
          the stronger spells can use up even Noah's magic points in   
          a hurry.                                                     

          Fire: Noah has this when you meet her. Exactly like Alis'    
          spell of the same name.                                      

          Cure: Noah has this when you meet her. Exactly like Myau's   
          spell of the same name except that Noah cannot use it        
          during combat like Myau can.                                 

          Exit: Noah learns this at 6th level. Exactly like Myau's     
          spell of the same name except that Noah learns it early      
          and it can be useful until you find the flute. Uses 4        
          magic points.                                                

          Tele: Noah learns this at 9th level. Similar to Chat but     
          stronger. Will allow you to communicate with certain         
          monsters which have a language that Alis' CHAT spell         
          cannot decipher. It uses 4 magic points.                     

          Wind: Noah learns this at 12th level. Fires three            
          tornadolike blasts of wind at the monsters. The blasts       
          will strike random targets (if more than one monster is      
          encountered) and each blast does 9 to 12 points of damage.   
          Uses 12 magic points.                                        

          Prot: Noah learns this at 14th level. Short for              
          Protection, the spell will create a barrier similar to       
          Myau's WALL spell, except it also blocks any enemy spells.   
          It also can have a very short (or even negligible) life      
          span against particularly strong monsters. Uses 10 magic     

          Open: Noah learns this at 17th level. It will open doors     
          with demon heads on them; these doors are held shut          
          magically. Uses 4 magic points.                              

          Thun: Noah learns this at 18th level. Short for Thunder,     
          it shoots a bolt of lightning at each monster in an          
          encounter (like a gun weapon) which does 30 to 40 points     
          of damage. The spell is more effective when fighting more    
          than one opponent, though some monsters which travel alone   
          seem to always take maximum damage from it. It is costly     
          in magic point use- 16 magic points. Use it sparingly!       

          Rise: Noah learns this at 20th level. It will resurrect a    
          slain comrade so you do not have to use a Church. Uses 12    
          magic points.                                                

          Part X: Towns and Villages                                   

          There are various towns and villages on each planet. The     
          towns have paved streets, and the buildings will be of       
          more modern construction. All towns and villages except      
          one are Palman settlements. The Native Motavians are         
          nomads, but the Native Dezorians have a village on a small   
          plateau among the ice mountains.                             

          All towns and villages will have most or all of the          
          following features:                                          

          HOUSES: Self-explanatory, the houses are where the people    
          live. Visit the people in their homes and they will share    
          little tidbits of information with you. Piece them           
          together and you will learn what to do next.                 

          (Some people are in the streets and you can learn what       
          they have to say by just walking up to them.)                

          HOSPITALS: Easily identifiable by the Red Cross, Hospitals   
          will restore all lost hit points and magic points for the    
          price of one meseta per hit point and/or magic point         

          CHURCHES: Identifiable by the yellow crucifix, a Church      
          will resurrect a slain party member at the cost of 20        
          mesetas per experience level of the recipient (meaning if    
          Odin is slain when he is 10th level, it will cost 200        
          mesetas to raise him). If nobody needs to be raised, you     
          can learn how many experience points everyone needs to       
          reach the next level. Finally, the last Church you visited   
          will be where you are taken by a Transfer or Alis' FLY       
          spell when you use either.                                   

          ARMORY: Here is where you buy armor, weapons, and shields.   
          Not every town or village has one.                           

          FIRST FOOD SHOP: Here is where you can buy Burgers and       
          Cola, which you can carry to supplement your healing spell   
          power and keep you alive until you reach a Hospital or one   
          of the two rest houses. Not every village or town has a      
          First Food Shop.                                             

          SECONDHAND SHOP: Here is where you buy some of the           
          miscellaneous items that you use. Most armor, weapons and    
          shields, as well as most other items, can be sold here at    
          half the price you bought them for. The shop owners will     
          not buy all items, knowing that some of them are always      

          important to you. Not every town or village has a            
          Secondhand Shop.                                             

          EXIT: Some of the major towns will have special exit         
          doors. These exits have Robotcop guards on duty. They will   
          not stop you from entering or leaving, though if you         
          approach them, they will admonish against leaving.           

          ROADWAY: These same major towns also have Roadway            
          entrances. Roadways are conveyor belts that take you to      
          the Spaceport. Here the Robotcops will stop you, and if      
          you do not have the proper identification, they will not     
          let you board the Roadway.                                   

          You will come across these fifteen towns and villages in     
          your travels through the Algol Star System:                  

          Camineet: The major town on Palma. It has two Exits and a    
          Roadway entrance. Alis lives in Camineet and the game        
          starts in front of her house.                                

          Parolit: Sister town to Camineet. It has an Exit and a       

          Scion: A port town on Palma. Several important secrets can   
          be learned in Scion.                                         

          Eppi: A small village on Palma.                              

          Gothic: A village on Palma that once was supposedly more     
          than a village.                                              

          Bortevo: A village on Palma that has fallen into decay. It   
          is now more of a junkyard than a village.                    

          Loar: A village on Palma. It has been in decline as of late. 

          Abion: A village on Palma. It is very important in two       
          special ways.                                                

          Drasgow: A small town on Palma. It has a special shop in a   

          Paseo: The major town on Motavia. It has a Roadway. It has   
          no Exit door, but the exit area is watched by two            
          RobotCops. The governor of Motavia lives in this town,       
          which contains some important secrets, including the final   
          secret of the game.                                          

          Uzo: A village on Motavia, that will point you to some       
          important items.                                             

          Casba: A small village on Motavia. It has some important     
          items and clues.                                             

          Sopia. A poor village on Motavia that nevertheless           
          contains two important secrets. One is vital to Noah.        

          Skure: The sole Palman settlement on Dezoris. It is a town   
          with one of each Shop, a Church and a Hospital.              

          Native Dezorian Village: This village is actually a dual     
          village, one on each side of the tunnel entrance. No         
          Palmans live here- native Dezorians tend all the business    
          and live in the homes. They all speak your language and      
          you may communicate with them all normally.                  

          Make sure you locate each town and village. Talk to          
          everyone and check the inventory of the shops.               

          Part XI: Spaceports                                          

          There is a Spaceport on Palma, and one on Motavia. You use   
          these in the early stages of the game to travel between      

          The Spaceport on Palma can be entered from Camineet or       
          Parolit through the Roadways. It has a First Food Shop and   
          a Shop where you can file for a Passport. To the left is     
          the entrance to the boarding area; two Robotcops guard it.   
          If you have a Passport you can enter, board a Starship and   
          fly to Motavia.                                              

          The Spaceport on Motavia is where you land. There is a       
          roadway leading up to Paseo. To return from Paseo to the     
          Spaceport, show your Passport to the Robotcops and they      
          will let you pass.                                           

          Dezoris has no Spaceport so you can't go there until the     
          Luveno is built for you. Once you have the Luveno, you no    
          longer need to use either of the two Spaceports.             

          Part XII: Mazes and Monsters                                 

          Monsters inhabit the mazes, as well as the open              
          countryside, of the three planets. You will encounter        

          three different types of mazes:                              

          CAVES: The most common. Caves can be found on all three      
          planets, and you will find plenty of the indigenous          
          monster-life in them. Each cave will have one item and/or    
          clue that will serve you well later on, unless the cave is   
          really a tunnel. Most of the caves in Dezoris are really     
          tunnels that will take you through one of the ice            
          mountains- these tunnels have no special items in them.      

          DUNGEONS: It is hard to describe the appearance of these     
          buildings. There are only two of them; they each have an     
          important item and/or clue(s), but dangerous monsters are    

          TOWERS: The hardest of all. Towers are formidable            
          obstacles, with mazes having many levels of twisting and     
          turning passageways. The musical tune that plays when you    
          explore a tower is more catchy and lively than the tune      
          that plays when you explore a dungeon or cave, and the       
          resident nasties are considerably tougher. One tower has     
          only one level; the others have anywhere from 4 to a         
          whopping 18 levels; each level with plenty of powerful       
          monsters. One tower, which is part of a wall, is simply      
          the gate you must pass through to get to the other side.     
          The other towers each have an important item or secret at    
          the top.                                                     

          Many of the dead-ends in passageways have treasure chests    
          that may have money, items, or only traps in them. Also      
          beware of pits, that drop you somewhere on the next-lowest   

          Part XII: General Hints                                      

          Now that we've been over everything in Phantasy Star, here   
          are a few, final hints to help you with game play.           

           -Save the game frequently. Do not be afraid to save the     
          game each time you find another door or stairway in a        
          maze, as well as just before entering the maze in the        
          first place. Save the game every so often while trekking     
          across open countryside. It takes a few seconds at most      
          and you can avoid the trouble of having to rebuild if all    
          your characters are ever slain.                              

           -While your first priority is to find Myau, Odin and        
          Noah, do not be afraid to build Alis up to 10th level or     
          even a little higher first. While you can find Myau as       
          early as when you reach 4th level, you do not have to do     
          so. You can build Alis up as much as you wish first. You     
          can even build Myau up before finding Odin and then build    
          Odin up before finding Noah. Simply stay in less dangerous   
          areas while nursing up newly-gained allies. They will        
          catch up in power very quickly and you can then go into      
          harder areas. Also, if anyone dies while lower level, you    
          will have at least one stronger character who can rush to    
          a Church to have them raised at lower costs.                 

           -While it is not compulsory, making maps can only benefit   
          you. If you have to exit a maze before finishing what you    
          were doing there, the maps will help you find your way       
          back to the areas you were about to explore when you had     
          to turn back. Finding and mapping all passageways to their   
          ends will often lead you to chests containing money and      
          sometimes even burgers. Making maps will also allow you to   
          mark down the location of pits so you can avoid them in      
          the future.                                                  

           -The Compass can help you find your way in mazes. Using     
          the Compass while in a maze will show what direction you     
          are currently facing in.                                     

           -When you upgrade weapons and armor for Alis and Odin,      
          give the better equipment to Odin first. For example, if     
          Alis and Odin each have a Ceramic Shield and you only buy    
          one Laser Shield when you find the right Shop, give Odin     
          the Laser Shield. Then, if Alis still has her Ceramic        
          Shield when you find the Mirror Shield, give Odin the        
          Mirror Shield and Alis the Laser Shield. If Alis and Odin    
          both have Ceramic Swords, and you buy only one Light         
          Saber, equip Odin with it. Alis' Attack and Defense          
          Strengths (particularly defense strength) are higher than    
          Odin's and giving him the better equipment first will put    
          him on par with Alis. The only time that Odin's attack       
          strength will surpass Alis' is when Odin wields the mighty   
          Laconian Axe. (Of course, if you can afford two Light        
          Sabers when Alis and Odin both have Ceramic Swords, then     
          by all means get two and give one to each ot them.)          

           -Don't hesitate to spend 200 mesetas or more on Burgers     
          and Cola before going into a cave or (especially) a tower.   
          They can help you cast fewer healing spells, saving magic    
          points for attack and defense spells, and also keep you      
          alive when you are low on both hit points and magic points   
          and you have to trek a bit to reach a Hospital.              

           -It's okay to be personally fonder of one character than    
          another, but one cardinal rule you must not break: NO        

          PAMPERED PETS IN PHANTASY STAR!! All four characters must    
          work and fight together as a team. Learn how to coordinate   
          their actions so they exploit each others' strengths and     
          cover each others' weaknesses. Don't try to make Odin the    
          hero of every fight- what if the monsters single him out     
          and kill him? Don't cast all healing spells on Alis- what    
          if Noah becomes low on hit points and you can't heal her?    
          Alis, Myau, Odin and Noah are all in the same boat. They     
          sail together or they will surely sink separately.           

           -Carrying both a gun and a sword or axe makes Odin          
          versatile. Swords and axes (especially the Laconian Axe)     
          can do more damage than any gun, but somtimes they can       
          also do less, while a gun's damage is steady each round.     
          In addition, guns never miss, while some strong monsters     
          can dodge Odin's sword or axe and take no damage. Guns can   
          wipe out all of the monsters in an encounter in one          
          instant if their hit points are less than what the gun       
          does in damage, while a sword or axe can kill one monster    
          each round, at best. Try to get a feel for when you are      
          more likely to encounter one or two powerful foes, and       
          when you are more likely to encounter several low or         
          median strength monsters, and then equip accordingly- a      
          sword or axe for the former encounters, a gun for the        

           -Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each monster.        
          Monsters with ROPE spells can be particularly dangerous      
          early in the game before you have all 4 characters- Alis     
          may be capable of killing two Tarantulas easily when she     
          is strong enough, but I remember the time when they went     
          ROPE happy- every time Alis slipped free, one of them        
          would instantly cast it again- they got so many free         
          attacks in with Alis helpless that she was reduced from      
          105 hit points to only TWO by the time I was able to         
          finally enter a command. If I wasn't able to RUN, Alis       
          would have died next round. When you have all 4              
          characters, beware of monsters that can cast THUNDER         
          spells on you. Don't be afraid to run from any encounter     
          with such a monster.                                         

           -If you meet a monster as soon as you go through a          
          doorway or up/down a stairway, you will be unable to RUN;    
          you cannot back up through a doorway or stairway. If you     
          are at a dead-end passage, and turn around right after       
          walking up to the wall, you will be unable to RUN from any   
          monster that appears since your back is against a wall. If   
          you walk up to the end of a dead-end passage, take a step    
          or two backward before you turn around. If you meet any      
          monsters and you wish to RUN, you can then do so (unless     
          of course, they block your retreat).                         

           -Some monsters have an infuriating habit of always          
          getting in your way and making it very hard to run. If       
          retreat is constantly blocked, and you really want to        
          escape without being forced to fight, use Alis' BYE spell    
          or an Escaper (if you have one of them). A little trick to   
          use when employing an Escaper: Have everyone try to use      
          the Escaper; whichever character has earliest initiative     
          will activate it and whisk you to safety.                    

           -Don't think that once you become powerful enough that      
          you can just up and go after Lassic without first            
          exploring that remote area on Dezoris or Motavia. Some of    
          the most vital items and clues are in out-of-the-way         
          locations, and every town and village will have that one     
          extra bit of info that you need to accomplish something      
          you couldn't before.                                         

          If you are low on money, there is a way to pinch mesetas     
          when you need to use a Hospital to heal. Cure most or all    
          wounds with any healing spells you have left. If Odin has    
          75 points of damage on, it will cost 75 mesetas to heal      
          him- but if Myau casts a CURE spell on him, Odin will        
          regain all missing hit points and you need only pay 6        
          mesetas to get back the magic points Myau used.              


          I hope this guide will give you some help in PHANTASY STAR   
          without taking away any of the excitement and fun. If        
          you're really lost and need some answers, you can read my    
          walkthru in TEG or leave Easyplex to 73500,47.               

          Have fun!                                                    


          In Volume Two, I will go into magical spells, buildings,     
          towns and villages and finish off with various hints.        

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