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    Rolf Solo Guide by Necrolesian

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 02/29/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                       Phantasy Star II Rolf Solo Guide                      |
    |                                 Version 1.01                                |
    |                                by Necrolesian                               |
    Table of Contents|
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Legal Crap
    III.  Contact Information
    IV.   Version History
    V.    Notes
    VI.   Walkthrough
    VII.  Stat Maxing
    VIII. Equipment
    IX.   Closing
    X.    Credits
    I. Introduction|
    This guide will walk you through the process of completing Phantasy Star II
    with just Rolf. If you're looking for a thorough guide to the game in general,
    look elsewhere. Those who are familiar with the game may find this guide too
    "hand-holding," while those who are not very familiar with the game may think
    that it is insufficiently thorough. I don't care.
    If you need maps, try http://www.phantasy-star.net/psii/psii.html or
    Warning: This guide contains a few spoilers. I'm assuming you've already beaten
             the game at least once.
    II. Legal Crap|
    Basically, this guide is mine. I used information from other guides (which are
    credited below) in this one, but I verified this information myself. Feel free
    to use any information in my guide for your own guide, as long as you let me
    know about it and credit me. If you want to post this guide on your site, email
    me first and ask me. Don't use this guide to make money.
    III. Contact Information|
    You may email me with contributions or corrections at necrolesian@riseup.net.
    Put "Phantasy Star II," or something similar, in the subject line so I know
    what the email is about. Emails with ambiguous subject lines, or that are
    obviously spam, will be deleted without being read. Please let me know if I got
    anything wrong, left anything out, or if you have any additional tips or ideas.
    IV. Version History|
    Version 1.0 - 2008-02-29
       Initial release.
    Version 1.01 - 2012-08-18
       Updated contact information.
    V. Notes|
    This is a single character challenge. This means that you cannot use any other
    characters. Rolf is the only character that you can use throughout the game,
    unless it is impossible to proceed with the game without using another
    character (there is one such situation, which I will detail below).
    Note that you cannot remove Nei from the party until she dies (permanently) at
    the hands of Neifirst. You'll have to let her get killed in the first battle,
    and then never revive her (at least until you're ready to fight Neifirst;
    details below). You cannot use Nei's inventory space to store items. You can
    acquire the other characters by stopping by Rolf's house, but you cannot use
    them or put them into your party.
    As far as I am aware, there are five different ways that you could be playing
    this game: the original Sega Genesis version, as part of Phantasy Star
    Collection (for Game Boy Advance), as part of Sega Genesis Collection (for
    Playstation 2), on the Virtual Console (on a Wii), or on an emulator. I'm not
    familiar with the Virtual Console version, so I won't discuss it. I'm not going
    to go into detail about version differences, but there is one difference that
    is very important. In the Genesis and GBA versions you can only save at the
    Data Memory buildings located in each town, or by using an item called the
    Visiphone. In the PS2 version, you can save at any time (without the Visiphone)
    by using the Select menu. You can even save in battle. On an emulator, of
    course, you can use save states at any time.
    If you're playing this challenge on either the Genesis or GBA version, you have
    a problem: namely, you cannot acquire the Visiphone (since doing so requires
    building Shir up to level 10 and then using her to steal it from the Baggage
    Room in the Central Tower in Paseo), and therefore you can only save in a town
    throughout the game. This will make your life much more difficult, since you
    must battle your way through each dungeon, with Rolf only, without the ability
    to save. Also, your closest save point to Noah will be the town of Aukba. I
    suggest playing the PS2 version or on an emulator while playing this challenge,
    or just cheating and using Shir to steal the Visiphone. If you'd like to make
    it even more difficult, play it on the Genesis or GBA and don't get the
    Visiphone. Even on the PS2 or an emulator, the lack of the Visiphone is
    annoying, since you can't tell how close Rolf is to his next level without
    stopping by a town. I played the Playstation 2 version while making this guide.
    Whichever version you're using, save as frequently as you can.
    VI. Walkthrough|
    The first thing you should do is change your order so that Nei is in front.
    Unequip all of her equipment, and sell all of it except the Ribbon (you want
    her to have an item in her inventory for the first battle. Go buy another Knife
    for Rolf, as well as a Headgear. Then save and wander around outside Paseo
    until you get into a battle.
    In this battle, you will kill off Nei. Have Nei use her Ribbon (which will do
    nothing). You want her to have a useless item to use because if she doesn't
    she'll have to use the Defend command, which will make her harder for the
    enemies to kill. After she uses the Ribbon she'll automatically switch to
    Defend, so you'll have to manually order her to use the Ribbon each round until
    she dies. Have Rolf attack until you're only one round away from killing all
    the enemies, then have him Defend until Nei is dead. Once Nei's dead, use Rolf
    to kill the enemies and reap the experience. If you accidentally kill all of
    the enemies before Nei dies, you'll have to reset and try again, as you don't
    want Nei gaining any experience.
    After this battle, change your order again so that Rolf is in front, and go
    sell Nei's Ribbon. Obviously, don't revive Nei. Heal at the hospital for 8
    meseta if needed. Now it's just a matter of walking around outside Paseo,
    acquiring EXP and meseta, and healing at the hospital as needed. Beware
    Poisoners, who can Paralyze you. (You'd think that, given their name, their
    special attack would cause Poison rather than Paralysis.)
    Fight until you have enough money to buy a Fibercoat. You should already have
    two Knives and a Headgear. Don't bother with the other weapons for sale in
    Paseo. The Bow Gun (a two-handed weapon) does less damage than a single knife,
    much less two. Sonic Guns (despite having such a much higher attack value) do
    no more damage than the Knives, and they cost 640 meseta each. The only
    advantage of the Sonic Guns is that they don't miss (also, their attack
    animation is slightly shorter). If you really want them, though, go ahead and
    get them.
    Level up to at least level 8. You learn Res at level 8, which will be very
    useful. I strongly suggest that you buy 2-4 Dimates for emergency healing in
    battle. Don't waste a round on Res in battle. Whenever you've taken 20 or more
    points of damage, use Res out of battle. If you desparately need healing in
    battle, use a Dimate.
    I also suggest that you buy 1-2 Antidotes in case you're poisoned. Rolf never
    lears Anti, so the only ways to heal Poison are by using an Antidote or going
    to a hospital in a town. If you're playing the PS2 version or on an emulator
    (and can therefore save at any time), you can save those 1-2 inventory spots
    for other things if you want. You can save very frequently and reload whenever
    you get poisoned. Otherwise, carry at least one. If you find yourself poisoned
    in a dungeon with no way to heal it, you'll have to go all the way back to
    If you're willing to sacrifice the inventory spots, you can also buy an
    Escapipe and a Telepipe in case you get yourself into deep trouble. If you
    don't have these items, I strongly recommend always saving 12 TP for Hinas and
    Ryuka (or at *least* 4 TP for Hinas). That way you can always get back to town
    quickly if you run into trouble.
    Once you're at least level 8, and have a Headgear, Fibercoat, two Knives, and
    2-4 Dimates (and possibly 2 Sonic Guns, 1-2 Antidotes, an Escapipe and a
    Telepipe as well), head towards Arima.
    Once you reach Arima, you can head back to Paseo if you'd like to make Rudo
    appear, but of course you can't add him to your party. (Don't spend 60 meseta
    to teleport between Arima and Paseo; it's a waste of meseta to spare yourself
    such a short walk when you need the EXP and meseta anyway.)
    Buy a Sword as soon as you can afford it. It's much better than the Knives or
    Sonic Guns. (You'll have to sell your old equipment in Paseo.) Now it's time to
    earn even more EXP and meseta. Cross the bridge to the east to fight some
    tougher monsters. You can cross the next bridge, towards Nido, for even tougher
    battles. There are three monsters you should be particularly wary of. First,
    Armorants can paralyze you, and do a good amount of damage per hit. With the
    Sword they'll generally take two rounds to kill. Second, Waspys do 3-4 damage
    per hit, and sometimes come in groups of 4. It takes 1-2 rounds to kill one.
    Third, Froggys can do 10 points of damage in a single attack, though their
    regular attack does much less. Use Dimates in battle if you need them.
    Once you have 5600 meseta, buy two Ceramic Knives. Each knife does more damage
    than the Sword, and with two of them you can kill Armorants and Waspys much
    more quickly. Waspys should go down with a single hit now (and you can kill two
    of them per round), but Armorants will still take two hits to kill.
    Now you can go to Nido and fight the monsters in the entrance room. Be
    especially wary of Spitkills. If they put you to sleep, it's game over. Once
    you've reached level 12, you should be strong enough for Shure.
    At level 12, there are no serious threats in Shure, even on the top level. The
    only monsters you need to watch out for are the Armorants, which can paralyze
    you. The only items you need from Shure are the Small Key and Letter (both on
    the top floor), and both Dynamites. You might as well get all the items though.
    You could use the EXP and meseta, and might reach level 13 by the time you're
    done. If you need to, use Hinas/Ryuka (or your Escapipe and Telepipe) after
    you've gotten the Small Key and Letter, and go back for the other items. If
    you're in good shape, though, just walk it for the EXP.
    Don't forget to free up a spot in your inventory by putting the Small Key in
    the baggage room in Paseo when you're done. Now head to Nido, which will be
    more of a challenge.
    The only thing you need here is Teim, although the Trimate might be useful as
    well. However, like in Shure, you might as well get all the items, if only for
    the EXP. As before, be wary of Spitkills; take them out first. You shouldn't
    have any problems until you reach the top floor. Be very careful here. You may
    run into monsters called Blasters. These creatures are very dangerous. They
    come in groups of two, can do over 20 points of damage each in a single attack,
    and each takes *three* hits to kill. Don't hesitate to use Dimates if you need
    them, and techniques if you have TP to spare.
    If you're in bad shape when you get Teim (or are worried about Blasters),
    teleport out. Otherwise, walk it for the EXP. You should definitely be level 13
    by the time you're done here.
    Cross the North Tunnel and head towards Oputa. Once you get there, you can go
    back to Paseo and make Amy appear if you'd like. The only equipment upgrade
    available in Oputa is the Fibergear. You might as well learn Musik too while
    you're here.
    Now head towards the Biosystems Lab and spend some time leveling up. In the
    area encompassing Oputa and the Biosystems Lab (which are separated by
    obstacles) you will encounter monsters you've already fought. There's nothing
    particularly dangerous here, but the Vortex can do an appreciable amount of
    damage. You'll also run into very weak monsters that will do nothing but waste
    your time. In the area to the west of the Lab you'll encounter new monsters:
    Locustas, Stingers and Fire-Eyes. These monsters do a good amount of damage per
    attack and Stingers and Fire-Eyes take a few hits to kill. You could use Gifoi
    or Gra against them, but I prefer to save the TP for healing. In the
    entranceway to the Biosystems Lab you'll face even tougher battles. When
    fighting two Vortexes and a Spitkill, take out the Spitkill first (due to its
    ability to kill you instantly by putting you to sleep). Two Mushrooms will give
    you over 200 EXP. You'll also encounter Blasters and Jellys. Jellys are
    potentially very dangerous. Their regular attack only does a few points of
    damage, but occasionally they'll try to put you to sleep, which will kill you.
    Wherever you choose to level, fight until you reach level 16, at which point
    you will learn Gires. Use it instead of Res from now on, as it is more
    efficient. Load up on Dimates; it's time to tackle the Biosystems Lab.
    Biosystems Lab
    You should be able to make it through the Lab without too many problems. Just
    watch out for the monsters who can kill you instantly (Jellys and Spitkills),
    and don't get caught with low HP. Be sure to grab the Star Mist on the second
    floor (although I would still recommend getting all the items). In a solo game,
    Star Mists are no better than Trimates, but you might as well pick it up.
    In the basement, you'll run into groups of two Blasters, which can still be
    dangerous at this point, and Insectas, which won't be a problem. Once you have
    the Recorder, get out of there (via walking or teleportation), head to Paseo to
    talk to the governor, make Hugh appear if you'd like, and then it's off to
    When you reach Zema, buy a Titanium Helmet, Boots, and two Laser Knives. You
    should have several times more meseta than necessary at this point. The Ceramic
    Sword actually has a slightly higher attack value than two Laser Knives, but it
    does a lot less damage. If you want, go to Paseo and make Anna appear, and then
    head to Kueri.
    Buy a Titanium Chest in Kueri, sell any Dimates you may have left, and stock up
    on Trimates. If you'd like, make Kain appear in Paseo, then teleport back to
    Zema and walk to Roron.
    Hang around in the entrance area to build up some more. The most significant
    new monster here is the Slugmess (you can also encounter them outside Roron).
    These monsters are very dangerous, able to do 10-15 points of damage per attack
    each. They can also reproduce, making a copy of themselves in an adjacent empty
    monster slot. Each copy has the same remaining HP as the original. There can be
    as many as 5 of them at any one time. You *will* be using Trimates in battles
    with the Slugmess. I strongly suggest using Gizan on them (use Trimates to heal
    instead of Gires; save your TP for Gizan), but even then you'll use one or two
    Trimates before you defeat them. After three rounds of Gizan (21 TP, which
    means you'll only be able to do this about three times per trip) you should be
    able to use physical attacks to kill them.
    Why fight the Slugmess? You get a *lot* of EXP for killing them. For each
    Slugmess you kill, you get 232 EXP. Three Slugmess and two Mushrooms will give
    you 896 EXP, and five Slugmess will get you 1,160. What's more, while it's
    dangerous, you can intentionally prolong these battles, and generate more and
    more Slugmess to kill, by always leaving at least one Slugmess alive. After
    three rounds of Gizan (or not), when you're using physical attacks, whenever
    you think you would kill all remaining Slugmess in the next round, use the
    Defend command until they reproduce. Theoretically, you could prolong this
    EXP-generating battle until you run out of Trimate, or even further, until you
    run out of TP with which to cast Gires. You can earn well over 10,000 EXP in a
    single battle this way. The most EXP I've gotten in one battle from the
    Slugmess is 35,315.
    It shouldn't take too long to get to level 20.
    Once you're reached at least level 20, you're ready for Roron. At this point, I
    was at level 21 with a Max HP of 160 and a Max TP of 80. Your stats may vary,
    as the increases on each level are somewhat random.
    You don't need either of the items here (though you can get them if you want
    some extra EXP). All you need is the Jet Scooter. You shouldn't have much
    problem getting to the bottom floor and getting out again. Just beware of
    Slugmess. Also beware of Squat, which can poison you. The only way to cure
    poison is with an Antidote.
    Once you have the Jet Scooter, head to Piata. Buy a Ceramic Chest for Rolf.
    Despite the fact that the Laser Sword has a significantly higher attack value
    than the two Laser Knives, the Laser Sword *still* does less damage than the
    two knives combined. The only advantages of the sword are the higher defense
    value and the fact that it only takes up one slot in your inventory, freeing a
    slot for a Trimate. It's your call, but I recommend keeping the knives.
    Teleport to Paseo, and make Shir appear at Rolf's house. There are two ways in
    which it might be beneficial to cheat here by using Shir. The first is to use
    her to steal a Moon Dew from the Item shop. Nei must be alive when you speak to
    Neifirst in Climatrol. If you don't use Shir to steal a Moon Dew, you'll be
    working Rolf up to level 30 before the Neifirst battle so he can use Rever.
    (Another option is to revive Nei at a Clone Lab before the battle, then use the
    "no random encounters" trick to reach Neifirst without Nei being killed.) I
    didn't bother with the Moon Dew, because I wanted Rolf at level 30 before
    Neifirst anyway.
    The other use for Shir is to steal a Visiphone from the Baggage Room in the
    Central Tower. If you're playing on a Playstation 2 or an emulator (and
    therefore have the ability to save at any time) this is useless. However, if
    you're playing on a Genesis or Game Boy Advance, I recommend doing this. The
    inability to save except when in a town is going to become increasingly more
    frustrating as you progress through the game, and the closest save point to
    Dark Force and Mother Brain will be Aukba. If you do choose to steal the
    Visiphone, you'll have to work Shir up to level 10 first. Keep in mind that the
    Visiphone will take up an extra slot in your inventory that would otherwise be
    occupied by a Trimate.
    Regardless of whether or not you steal a Moon Dew and/or the Visiphone, head to
    You should be able to get the Maruera Leaf and get out of here without spending
    any more time leveling. The monsters here are more dangerous than those you've
    faced previously, though, so expect to use several Trimates.
    When you have the Leaf, get out of here, head back to Kueri to get the Maruera
    Gum, then go to Climatrol.
    Climatrol is tough. In the basement, you will face Slugmess. The other monsters
    in the basement can be semi-dangerous, but the Slugmess can be a real pain if
    you encounter them repeatedly. It gets slightly easier on floors 1-4. Watch out
    for Fanbites though. Rarely, their attack will cause instant death. You don't
    need any of the items here, but if you'd like to get them, go ahead. Keep in
    mind that floors 6-8 are inhabited by very tough monsters. If you do get the
    items here, be sure to go back to town, heal up, and restock on Trimates before
    coming back to Climatrol.
    On the fifth floor of Climatrol you'll encounter monsters called Blastoids (you
    can actually find them in floors 1-4 as well, but they're much more common on
    the fifth floor). They come in groups of three. These creatures can reproduce
    in the same way that the Slugmess can, but they do a lot less damage. Don't
    bother with techs against them; just use physical attacks. Each Blastoid you
    kill is worth 371 EXP. By constantly keeping at least one of them alive (like
    you did with the Slugmess earlier) and killing them off as they reproduce, you
    can earn a large amount of EXP in a small amount of time. You won't have to use
    Trimates nearly as often, so you can really rack up the EXP.
    Apparently, the maximum amount of EXP you can earn per battle is 65,535. If you
    earn more than that, the EXP count resets back to zero and starts over again.
    (Meseta does not seem to have this limitation.) Therefore, the maximum number
    of Blastoids you should kill in a single battle is 176. This will earn you
    65,297 EXP. (Interestingly, 176 * 371 = 65,296, so somehow you're actually
    getting an extra 1 EXP.) If you want to be extra cautious (especially if you
    can't save during battle), just end the battle after 125-150 kills.
    If you don't have a Moon Dew, you'll need to do this until you reach level 30.
    That's when Rolf learns Rever. Even if you do have a Moon Dew, though, you
    might want to build up to level 30 anyway, to make the upcoming boss fight
    easier. Each of these battles can take 30 minutes or more, so it may take quite
    some time to reach level 30. By the time you're done, you'll have enough meseta
    to last you the rest of the game.
    Once you've reached level 30 (and you've healed and restocked on Trimates),
    you're ready for Neifirst. Make sure you revive Nei (using Rever or a Moon Dew)
    before speaking to Neifirst. Nei will obviously die in one hit, making the real
    battle come even quicker.
    |Boss: Neifirst                                                               |
    |HP:      1,100                                                               |
    |Attack:  178                                                                 |
    |Defense: 10                                                                  |
    |Agility: 92                                                                  |
    |EXP:     1,111                                                               |
    |Meseta:  1,111                                                               |
    |At level 30, this is a very easy battle. Cast Nafoi until you run out of TP. |
    |You'll do about 130 points of damage per casting. Nathu does only slightly   |
    |more damage, but costs much more TP. Don't worry about saving TP for healing;|
    |you should have plenty of Trimates left. When you run out of TP, switch to   |
    |physical attacks. Each hit should do about 50 damage, combining for about 100|
    |damage per round.                                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |Neifirst has two attacks: a "claw" attack that does about 25-30 damage, and a|
    |"light saber" attack that does about 45-50. Neither of these is a threat at  |
    |your level. You should only have to use one Trimate during the course of the |
    |battle.                                                                      |
    After the battle, Nei is gone, and you no longer have to look at her name
    during battle and in various Menu screens. Heal at the Hospital, drop off the
    Maruera Gum at the Baggage Room, and teleport to Piata.
    Piata Control Tower
    If you didn't learn Musik in Oputa, go learn it now. Don't bother restocking on
    Trimates unless you're nearly out. There's nothing in here that you should have
    a problem with. Just get the cards and get out.
    Go back to Paseo and put all the cards in the Baggage Room except for the Red
    Card. You'll want to only take the card that you need with you, leaving more
    room for Trimates. Restock your Trimates, and head to the Red Dam.
    Red Dam
    The only item of potential use here is the Sword of Anger. The sword seems to
    do about the same damage as two Laser Knives. The advantage of the sword is
    that it only takes up one slot in your inventory, freeing a slot for a Trimate.
    The disadvantage is that it has no Defense bonus, so your Defense will be 10
    less with the sword than with the knives. It's up to you whether you want to
    use it or not.
    Unfortunately, some of the mechs are very resistant to bladed weapons, and so
    they will take several rounds to kill, unless you want to use TP to cast Nafoi
    at them. TP is still useful for healing at this point, although it won't be
    after the next dungeon. Be especially careful of the Poleziax, which can
    paralyze you. A group of four of them can easily kill you if you're unlucky. I
    recommend saving after every battle from now until the end of the game, just to
    be safe.
    Once you've unlocked the dam, go sell anything that needs to be sold, grab the
    Yellow Card, heal, restock on Trimates, and go to the Yellow Dam.
    Yellow Dam
    There are two items that you'll want to pick up here, including perhaps the
    most useful item in the game. Once you have the Amber Robe, it will remain in
    your inventory for the rest of the game. It casts Gires on you when used in
    battle, healing you by 60 HP. It has unlimited uses, but can only be used in
    battle. Keeping this item in your inventory will take away a Trimate slot, but
    you won't be using Trimates nearly as often anyway with the Amber Robe.
    Whenever your current HP is 60 or more below your max HP, use the Amber Robe.
    This should be enough to get you through most battles. If you're in bad shape,
    use a Trimate. Since the best healing tech you learn is Gires, TP is no longer
    useful for healing, since you have an item which casts Gires for free. Feel
    free to use Nafoi on the more damage-resistant mechs, but I still recommend
    reserving 12 TP for Hinas and Ryuka.
    (Note that there are other items in the game that cast Gires, and you could use
    them instead if you like, but I'll be referring to the Amber Robe in this guide
    because it's the first Gires item you come across in the game. Once you have it
    there's no need to pick up any more.)
    You'll also find a Crystal Chest in the Yellow Dam, which will provide a needed
    boost to your Defense stat (especially if you're using the Sword of Anger).
    Unlock the Yellow Dam, grab the Blue Card, restock, and head to the Blue Dam.
    Blue Dam
    There are several useful items in this dungeon. The first is the Storm Gear,
    which casts Gizan on *all* enemies (not just all enemies of a particular type)
    when used in battle. The second is the Colorscarf, which casts Saner on you.
    The third item that you definitely want to pick up here is the Snow Crown. The
    Snow Crown is one of the most useful items in the game, along with the Amber
    Robe, because it casts Deban (which significantly reduces the damage you take).
    Use the Snow Crown at the beginning of every battle; this will make these
    difficult battles much easier.
    The other items here aren't useful. When you're done, head back to Paseo. Keep
    the Snow Crown, and put the Colorscarf in the Baggage Room for possible later
    use. You could also put the Storm Gear away, but I think it's worth keeping in
    your inventory to use against highly damage-resistant mechs, especially when
    there are two or three of them. You can sacrifice the Trimate slot at this
    point, since you're not having to use many of them anyway.
    If you have the ability to save at any time (or at least after each battle),
    you might want to sell your Antidote(s) as well. It'll free up a spot in your
    inventory, and you can always reset if you get poisoned.
    Green Dam
    Get the Green Card, restock on Trimates, and it's on to the last dam. There's
    nothing useful here, so unless you want some extra EXP you can just go directly
    to the dam controls. When you unlock the last dam, you're immediately thrust
    into battle.
    |Boss: Army Eye (x3)                                                          |
    |HP:      3,000                                                               |
    |Attack:  35                                                                  |
    |Defense: 104                                                                 |
    |Agility: 38                                                                  |
    |EXP:     2                                                                   |
    |Meseta:  0                                                                   |
    |You can't win this battle, so don't even try. Just keep yourself alive (this |
    |should be very easy since they don't do much damage) until the end of the    |
    |third round.                                                                 |
    Run from any battles (since that's all you can do), and head to the controls.
    When you get back to Paseo, sell anything that's not useful, restock on
    Trimates, and take the spaceship to Skure. By this time I was level 32.
    You must get the Mogic Cap before going to any towns. You can also get the
    Laconian Chest and Gardaboots if you don't want to buy them in the towns, but
    you should have well more than enough meseta at this point.
    You'll have to make three separate trips through Skure to get to the three
    towns on Dezo. You'll also have to make a fourth trip later when going to
    Naval. Other than that, you shouldn't have to deal with this dungeon much.
    You can teleport from any of the towns directly to the center of Skure, and, if
    the last time you've saved has been with the Visiphone on Dezo, you can cast
    Ryuka to be teleported directly to Aukba.
    Here's how Ryuka (and Telepipes for that matter) works on Dezo. If the last
    place you've saved is at the Data Memory building in one of the towns on Dezo,
    then Ryuka will take you to that town. If the last place you've saved is with
    the Visiphone, then Ryuka will take you to Aukba. If the last place you've
    saved (and by save I mean use the in-game save function that is in all versions
    of the game; save states on an emulator or using the Select menu to save in the
    PS2 version don't count) is on Mota, then Ryuka will take you to the center of
    Skure, right next to the ship. Therefore, as long as you never save on Mota
    again, you can just cast Ryuka as soon as you get to Skure to teleport to one
    of the Dezo towns (though if you don't have the Visiphone you'll have to wait
    until you save at one of the Data Memory buildings on Dezo for the first time).
    Go through Skure to each of the three Dezo towns and buy upgraded equipment.
    Rabbits can poison you; remember to save after every battle and reset if you're
    poisoned, unless you have Antidotes.
    There's nothing worth buying here, but be sure to save here if you're not
    carrying the Visiphone. You want Ryuka to take you back here, not to Skure.
    Also, make sure you remember to re-equip Rolf's regular helmet after you're
    done in a town. The Mogic Cap is crap.
    There's nothing to buy here either. Unfortunately, Rolf can't equip the
    Laconian Helmet. You're stuck with the Titanium Helmet until you get the
    Neimet. The only reason to come to Zosa now is to ensure that it appears in the
    teleport list later.
    Here you can finally buy a Laconian Sword. Also pick up a Laconian Chest and
    Gardaboots if you didn't get them in Skure. Ryuon is the only town on Dezo that
    sells Trimates.
    Restock on trimates and head to the Crevice. There are no items here, so just
    head on through. Be careful though: The Ohx have a special attack that can
    eliminate *all* of your TP. You're going to have to walk through this dungeon
    at least four times, so learn the route.
    Esper Mansion
    Talk to Lutz and get the Prism (yet another item that you must haul around in
    your inventory, taking up space). Now it's time to head to the first of the
    "hidden" dungeons, Menobe.
    There are eight Nei items in the next four dungeons which you must get. Only
    one of them can be equipped. Chances are, you'll have to go back to Paseo to
    drop Nei items off in the Baggage Room between dungeons (you can do this after
    each dungeon, or wait until after the second or third dungeon).
    The Sakoffs can poison you, and Wrestlers can paralyze you, so be careful.
    Nazan works pretty well against groups of three Darksides; it'll take about
    three rounds of it. Nazan also works against other dangerous enemies, like
    Sakoffs, when you face them in groups. Remember to save at least 12 TP for
    Hinas and Ryuka, though.
    The higher you go in the dungeon, the tougher the monsters become. Be very
    careful on the upper floors. Gloswords do a lot of damage, and Mesomans and
    Skytiaras can put you to sleep, resulting in instant game over. The Neimet is a
    big upgrade from the Titanium Helmet. You'll also pick up the Neicrown here.
    You'll run into many of the same dangerous enemies here, including Darksides,
    Skytiaras, Wrestlers, Sakoffs, and Mesomans. You'll also find new enemies on
    the upper levels. Keep saving after every battle, and be prepared to reset if
    things go badly. Don't forget to use the Snow Crown at the beginning of every
    battle. You may have noticed that some of these battles are starting to take a
    while, and you're having to use the Amber Robe quite frequently. It's only
    going to get worse.
    When you reach level 35, though, you'll learn Megid, which is useful when
    facing an extremely tough battle. Megid will do about 350-450 damage to all
    enemies, which is pretty much guaranteed to end a battle immediately. Also,
    Megid normally damages all party members except for Rolf by an amount equal to
    half their current HP, but since Rolf is alone, there are no other party
    members to damage, so there's no downside. However, it costs a whopping 55 TP,
    so you'll probably only be able to use it twice (keep in mind the need to save
    12 TP).
    You'll find the Neicape and Neiarmor here. The Neiarmor is on the top floor,
    along with some very powerful enemies. Now might be a good time to use Megid,
    if you have the TP. Unfortunately, there is no Neichest for Rolf to equip, so
    you're stuck with the Laconian Chest.
    You'll have to make at least two trips through this dungeon, to get the Neishot
    and the Neislasher, and I recommend using Hinas to escape instead of making
    your way to the bottom floor and climbing the stairs. Therefore, you'll need to
    save at least an extra 4 TP for Hinas. If you want to get all the items here,
    then you'll have to make five trips, requiring four extra castings of Hinas (16
    extra TP).
    Here the difficulty level picks up a notch. You'll run into the normal enemies
    here, which are dangerous enough, but you'll also find new enemies that do even
    more damage. Some encounters are particularly problematic, such as three
    Gloswords. The Amber Robe can only heal 60 HP per turn, and the Gloswords can
    do more than 20 points of damage each per hit. If you find yourself in such a
    situation, heal with Trimates instead of the Amber Robe. Don't be afraid to use
    Nazan or even Megid if needed; just be mindful of your TP total. If needs be,
    run (easier said than done), or just reset if you encounter a battle that you
    don't have the resources (Trimates and TP) to handle. You should be saving very
    frequently. If you're playing on a Genesis or GBA, and you don't have the
    Visiphone, good luck.
    In order to even reach Naval, you must make one more trek through Skure. This
    is hopefully the last time you have to spend more than five seconds looking at
    the inside of Skure, unless you choose to go without the Mogic Cap later.
    In Naval are the last two Nei items that you need to find, the Neishield and
    the Neiemel, and getting them will require two trips through the dungeon. As in
    previous dungeons, the monsters get stronger the higher you climb. Battles with
    two Archdrgns can be problematic, since even after you've used the Snow Crown
    they can do 25-30 damage per attack each. Use Trimates to heal, use Megid to
    end the battle quickly, or be prepared to spend several rounds using the Amber
    Robe for every one round attacking.
    Once you've gotten the final Nei items, head back to Paseo.
    In order to obtain the Neisword and gain access to Noah, you must speak to Lutz
    with all eight Nei items in your inventory, *and* an extra empty slot for the
    Neisword. This means you're going to have to leave something behind. You need
    your four equipped items in your inventory, one of which is the Neimet. You'll
    also need the remaining seven Nei items, plus the empty slot for the Neisword,
    for a total of 12 slots so far. Two of the remaining four slots will be taken
    by the Amber Robe and Snow Crown, leaving you room for two more items.
    You shouldn't be carrying any Antidotes, Escapipes, or Telepipes around at this
    point in the game, but if you are, leave them behind. You can't sell the Prism,
    nor can you drop it off in the Baggage Room (the game won't let you), but you
    *can* get rid of it. All you have to do is take another character in your
    party, pawn the Prism off on that character, then leave him or her back at the
    house. If you feel that this is cheating, then don't do it, but it frees up a
    much-needed slot in your inventory. If you're playing on a Genesis or GBA,
    there really is no alternative to carrying around the Visiphone. If you're
    playing on an emulator or a PS2, you don't have the Visiphone (because you
    don't need it), so you don't have to worry about it.
    If you don't have the Visiphone, and you got rid of the Prism, then you're all
    set. However, if you do have the Visiphone, or if you're keeping the Prism in
    your inventory (or both), you'll have to get rid of the Storm Gear, and
    possibly the Mogic Cap as well. Leaving behind the Storm Gear is no big deal.
    You won't have it with you in Noah anyway, because you won't need it and
    another Trimate will be much more useful. Leaving the Mogic Cap behind is more
    annoying. You won't be able to do anything in any of the towns on Dezo
    (including teleporting to the center of Skure), therefore, once you get the
    Neisword and gain access to Noah, you'll have to teleport to Aukba using Ryuka
    and then *walk* all the way to the center of Skure.
    Regardless, go to the Esper Mansion (through the Crevice), talk with Lutz, and
    receive your Neisword. Once you have it, make your way back to Paseo either via
    teleportation or on foot.
    Put the Nei items (except the Neimet and Neisword, of course) back in the
    Baggage Room. Also, leave behind the Storm Gear if you still have it. You need
    your four equipped items, the Amber Robe, and the Snow Crown. If you have the
    Visiphone, you need that too. You may also have the Prism in your inventory if
    you think using another character to get rid of it is cheating. You don't
    necessarily need the Mogic Cap, but if you don't bring it, you'll have to walk
    back to Paseo after the Dark Force battle in order to restock on Trimates.
    Whether an extra Trimate is worth it is up to you. The only other potentially
    useful item is the Colorscarf, which you should have in the Baggage Room. The
    Colorscarf casts Saner, which increases your agility. This might help you have
    your turn before Dark Force's more often. Again, whether it's worth it is up to
    you (my recommendation: don't bother). Stock up on Trimates, head back to the
    Esper Mansion, and let Lutz send you to Noah.
    Whenever you want to leave Noah, you can use the Neisword as an item. This will
    teleport you back to the Esper Palace, where you can heal and go right back.
    You're going to use this to your advantage to (relatively) quickly level up to
    level 50. Walk around Noah until you get into a battle, then immediately cast
    Megid to win it. Don't bother with the Snow Crown; just cast Megid. Repeat
    until you don't have enough TP to do it again, then use the Neisword, heal, go
    back, and repeat the process until you reach level 50. Despite the fact that
    you need a total of 6,927,113 EXP to reach level 50, it won't take as long as
    you think. You can get 10,000-20,000 EXP per battle. Unfortunately, your
    command will not remain Megid from one battle to the next; it switches back to
    Attack every time, forcing you to manually select Megid each time. This doesn't
    take too long though.
    Be sure to save once in a while though. You can still be ambushed, and the
    monsters can still poison/kill you before you can do anything. Lutz will *not*
    cure poison (although interestingly he will still heal your HP and TP), so if
    you're poisoned you must reset (unless you want to teleport to Aukba to cure it
    then walk all the way back again). Also, Megid might not kill Fiends
    immediately, forcing you to end the battle in another way, so be careful. And,
    of course, don't use any Trimates.
    The entire process should take no longer than a few hours. Note that this is
    also the fastest way to level up at the end of the game during a regular
    playthrough; it'll just take longer.
    After several hours of leveling up, I finally had the following stats:
    Level: 50
    Equipment: Neisword, Laconian Chest, Neimet, Gardaboots
    HP: 363
    TP: 180
    Strength: 357
    Mental: 278
    Agility: 209
    Luck: 265
    Dexterity: 253
    Attack: 412
    Defense: 403
    (Note: The Attack, Defense, and Agility stats are with weapons and armor
    I list these stats for the purpose of comparison. Stat gains on level up are
    somewhat random (see section VII) so your stats may vary significantly. If your
    stats are higher than mine, the final boss battles may be easier than what I
    describe. If your stats are significantly lower, you might have a tougher time
    than I did. My stats were actually below average for level 50. Hopefully you
    have at least 165 TP so you can cast Megid three times in a row (if you
    actually have 220 TP, and can therefore cast it four times, so much the
    Now that you're as strong as you're going to get, you're as ready as you'll
    ever be for Dark Force. Make your way through Noah, avoiding using TP or any
    Trimates. Save frequently and heal with the Amber Robe (don't forget to use the
    Snow Crown too). Or you can just use the "no encounters trick" (push the
    "examine" button repeatedly while walking) and not have to worry about random
    encounters at all. Make sure you're at full health and save before you open the
    treasure chest.
    |Boss: Dark Force                                                             |
    |HP:      2,560                                                               |
    |Attack:  320                                                                 |
    |Defense: 30                                                                  |
    |Agility: 148                                                                 |
    |EXP:     2,222                                                               |
    |Meseta:  0                                                                   |
    |Dark Force is so big it takes up most of the top half of the screen,         |
    |preventing you from seeing how much damage you're doing to it; don't worry,  |
    |though, your hits are connecting.                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |Dark Force has two attacks: a regular attack that hits you for about 50      |
    |damage (after you've used the Snow Crown), and a hypnosis attack that turns  |
    |you "evil." The hypnosis attack inflicts one of six unique status ailments   |
    |upon you, described below:                                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |"Turns doubtful": you do less damage and have a greater chance of missing.   |
    |                                                                             |
    |"Loses confidence": you cannot use any techniques.                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |"Gets lazy": your agility decreases, making it more likely that Dark Force   |
    |will have its turn before yours.                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |"Crushed by despair": you can't do anything; you just stand there.           |
    |                                                                             |
    |"Turns greedy": you try to steal items from your party members (but of course|
    |you don't have any). In other words, you just stand there, unable to do      |
    |anything.                                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |"Turns traitor": you try to flee every round, but are unsuccessful. Again,   |
    |this means that you can't do anything.                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    |In my experience, when you're afflicted with the "turns doubtful" and "gets  |
    |lazy" effects (and possibly "loses confidence" as well), there is a chance   |
    |each round that you will do nothing at all. Obviously, the last three effects|
    |are very bad, and may result in a game over screen.                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |However, at random (but only when you have been hypnotized with one of these |
    |six effects), the Neisword will glow and the hypnosis will be dispelled.     |
    |There's no way to make this happen; it's just a matter of luck. But if you   |
    |get hit with one of the three debilitating status effects, you still have a  |
    |chance.                                                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |When you are not hypnotized, Dark Force seems to use its regular attack about|
    |half the time and its hypnosis attack about half the time. When you're       |
    |hypnotized, Dark Force will not try to hypnotize you with another effect (you|
    |can only be afflicted with one effect at once), and will use its regular     |
    |attack every time. After the Neisword dispels the hypnosis, Dark Force is    |
    |free to hypnotize you again, and which effect you get is random.             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Despite all of that, this is actually a very simple battle. The first thing  |
    |you should do is to use the Snow Crown. If you have the Colorscarf, you can  |
    |use it too, but your Agility should be high enough that you don't need it.   |
    |Then cast Megid until you don't have enough TP to cast it anymore. After     |
    |that, if you have enough TP, you can use Nathu or Nafoi if you like;         |
    |otherwise, attack physically. When your HP drops perilously low, use a       |
    |Trimate.                                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |And that's it. This battle is mostly a matter of luck. If you get hit with a |
    |bad hypnosis effect, and the Neisword doesn't dispel it, you may have to     |
    |reset. If you're playing on an emulator or a PS2, you can save during battle.|
    |This means that you can save every round, and reset if you get hypnotized (or|
    |at least if you get a bad effect). If you have to reset several times in a   |
    |row because Dark Force keeps hypnotizing you, try varying your timing. Wait a|
    |few seconds before taking your action. Sometimes it can affect what Dark     |
    |Force does. If you think that saving during battle is cheating, by all means |
    |refrain. It shouldn't take too many tries before you win.                    |
    You've just won the most difficult battle in the game. Use the Neisword, heal,
    and restock on Trimates. If you don't have the Mogic Cap with you, you'll have
    to walk from Aukba to Paseo. If you do have it with you, you might as well
    leave it behind in Paseo this time; you won't need it anymore.
    Make your way from Aukba to the Esper Mansion, walking through the Crevice yet
    again (for the final time), and head back to Noah. As you did on the way to
    Dark Force, refrain from using TP or Trimates on the way to Mother Brain
    (again, the "no encounters trick" comes in handy here if you want to use it).
    Once again, make sure you save and are at full health before the battle.
    |Boss: Mother Brain                                                           |
    |HP:      2,450                                                               |
    |Attack:  228                                                                 |
    |Defense: 120                                                                 |
    |Agility: 198                                                                 |
    |EXP:     0                                                                   |
    |Meseta:  0                                                                   |
    |Mother Brain, like Dark Force, is so big that you can't see how much damage  |
    |you're doing to her. She's weaker than Dark Force, but she's faster and has a|
    |higher Defense stat. Fortunately she can't hypnotize you like Dark Force     |
    |could, so she's not nearly as much of a threat. She has only two attacks: one|
    |does 15-20 points of damage (after you use the Snow Crown), and the other    |
    |does 40-45.                                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |Use the Snow Crown first, then cast Megid until you can't anymore. After     |
    |that, if you have any TP left, cast Nafoi or Nathu until you're out. Then    |
    |just attack physically, using Trimates as needed, until she's dead. Again,   |
    |you can use the Colorscarf if you have it, but it's not needed. My turn came |
    |before hers every round except one. You should have more than enough         |
    |Trimates, but if somehow you run out you can always heal with the Amber Robe.|
    |                                                                             |
    |Compared to Dark Force, this battle is very easy.                            |
    After the battle, enjoy the much-deserved ending. You've earned it.
    VII. Stat Maxing|
    Note: all of this information is stolen from tables created by twilkitri (found
    at http://twilkitri.fewiki.net/PS2/). I have not personally tested this, but it
    seems to be accurate.
    At each level up, your stats rise by a semi-random amount. For each character,
    level, and stat, there is a predetermined "average" amount by which it will
    rise. However, there is a certain amount of randomness to the stat gains. The
    actual amount of the gain will be anywhere between 50% and 150% (rounded down)
    of the predetermined value.
    Theoretically, this can be taken advantage of by forcing the game to give you
    ideal stat gains on each level. All you have to do is save before you level,
    gain the level, check your stats and compare them to the previous stats. If
    they're not what you want, reset. It would take a *lot* of resets to get a
    "perfect" level, and each character has 49 levels to gain.
    This is easier on a solo game. You're only using Rolf, so you only have to
    reset for 49 perfect levels. Still, if you want to do this, expect it to be
    very tedious. I recommend using an emulator for this, where you can easily use
    save states to save right before you end a battle, then quickly reload the save
    state if you don't get the gains you want.
    There are tables for all eight characters at the website mentioned above; I am
    reproducing only Rolf's tables here.
    This first table simply lists the predetermined "average" values for each stat
    gain at each level, along with the total EXP required for that level:
    |  1   19   15   20   28   15   13   20   12   10          0|
    |  2    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3         29|
    |  3    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4         83|
    |  4    9    6   13   10    8   10   10    7    5        170|
    |  5    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3        289|
    |  6    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4        504|
    |  7    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5        808|
    |  8    9    6   13   10    8   10   10    7    6       1260|
    |  9    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3       1930|
    | 10    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4       2924|
    | 11    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5       4375|
    | 12    9    6   13   10    8   10   10    7    6       6504|
    | 13    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3       9622|
    | 14    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4      14164|
    | 15    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5      20783|
    | 16    9    6   13   10    8   10   10    7    6      30427|
    | 17    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3      44475|
    | 18    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4      64881|
    | 19    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5      86896|
    | 20    9    6   13   10    8   10   10    7    6     110999|
    | 21    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3     138112|
    | 22    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4     168140|
    | 23    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5     203229|
    | 24    9    6   13   10    8   10   10    7    6     243327|
    | 25    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3     288460|
    | 26    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4     338688|
    | 27    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5     393651|
    | 28    9    6   13   10    8   10   10    7    6     453784|
    | 29    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3     518785|
    | 30    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4     588907|
    | 31    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5     679300|
    | 32    9    6   12   10    8   10   10    7    6     767609|
    | 33    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3     867398|
    | 34    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4     980160|
    | 35    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5    1107581|
    | 36    9    6   14   10    8   10   10    7    6    1251567|
    | 37    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3    1414270|
    | 38    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4    1598125|
    | 39    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5    1805882|
    | 40    9    6   13   10    8   10   10    7    6    2040647|
    | 41    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3    2305931|
    | 42    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4    2605702|
    | 43    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5    2944443|
    | 44    9    6   13   10    8   10   10    7    6    3327221|
    | 45    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3    3759759|
    | 46    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4    4248528|
    | 47    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    6    5    4800837|
    | 48    9    6   13   10    8   10   10    7    6    5424946|
    | 49    6    3    5    4    3    4    4    4    3    6130189|
    | 50    7    3    5    4    3    4    4    5    4    6927113|
    The stats listed for level 1 are simply the predetermined stats that Rolf
    begins the game with. There is no variation in Rolf's level 1 stats; they are
    the same in every game. The value in the total EXP column is the *cumulative*
    EXP total required for that level. The other values are the predetermined
    average gains, subject to random variation as described above.
    As you can see, Rolf (and all other characters as well) has "power levels,"
    levels at which his stat gains are much higher than normal. For Rolf, every
    level that is a multiple of four is a power level.
    The next tables list the minimum, average, and maximum values for each stat at
    each level, along with the cumulative EXP total required for each level. These
    are the actual stat values, not stat increases.
    |LVL      HP          TP         STR         MEN         AGI         LUK    |
    |  1  19- 19- 19  15- 15- 15  20- 20- 20  28- 28- 28  15- 15- 15  13- 13- 13|
    |  2  22- 25- 27  16- 18- 19  22- 25- 27  30- 32- 33  16- 18- 19  15- 17- 18|
    |  3  25- 32- 37  17- 21- 23  24- 30- 34  32- 36- 38  17- 21- 23  17- 21- 23|
    |  4  29- 41- 50  20- 27- 31  30- 43- 53  37- 46- 52  21- 29- 34  22- 31- 37|
    |  5  32- 47- 58  21- 30- 35  32- 48- 60  39- 50- 57  22- 32- 38  24- 35- 42|
    |  6  35- 54- 68  22- 33- 39  34- 53- 67  41- 54- 62  23- 35- 42  26- 39- 47|
    |  7  38- 61- 78  23- 36- 43  36- 58- 74  43- 58- 67  24- 38- 46  28- 43- 52|
    |  8  42- 70- 91  26- 42- 51  42- 71- 93  48- 68- 81  28- 46- 57  33- 53- 66|
    |  9  45- 76- 99  27- 45- 55  44- 76-100  50- 72- 86  29- 49- 61  35- 57- 71|
    | 10  48- 83-109  28- 48- 59  46- 81-107  52- 76- 91  30- 52- 65  37- 61- 76|
    | 11  51- 90-119  29- 51- 63  48- 86-114  54- 80- 96  31- 55- 69  39- 65- 81|
    | 12  55- 99-132  32- 57- 71  54- 99-133  59- 90-110  35- 63- 80  44- 75- 95|
    | 13  58-105-140  33- 60- 75  56-104-140  61- 94-115  36- 66- 84  46- 79-100|
    | 14  61-112-150  34- 63- 79  58-109-147  63- 98-120  37- 69- 88  48- 83-105|
    | 15  64-119-160  35- 66- 83  60-114-154  65-102-125  38- 72- 92  50- 87-110|
    | 16  68-128-173  38- 72- 91  66-127-173  70-112-139  42- 80-103  55- 97-124|
    | 17  71-134-181  39- 75- 95  68-132-180  72-116-144  43- 83-107  57-101-129|
    | 18  74-141-191  40- 78- 99  70-137-187  74-120-149  44- 86-111  59-105-134|
    | 19  77-148-201  41- 81-103  72-142-194  76-124-154  45- 89-115  61-109-139|
    | 20  81-157-214  44- 87-111  78-155-213  81-134-168  49- 97-126  66-119-153|
    | 21  84-163-222  45- 90-115  80-160-220  83-138-173  50-100-130  68-123-158|
    | 22  87-170-232  46- 93-119  82-165-227  85-142-178  51-103-134  70-127-163|
    | 23  90-177-242  47- 96-123  84-170-234  87-146-183  52-106-138  72-131-168|
    | 24  94-186-255  50-102-131  90-183-253  92-156-197  56-114-149  77-141-182|
    | 25  97-192-263  51-105-135  92-188-260  94-160-202  57-117-153  79-145-187|
    | 26 100-199-273  52-108-139  94-193-267  96-164-207  58-120-157  81-149-192|
    | 27 103-206-283  53-111-143  96-198-274  98-168-212  59-123-161  83-153-197|
    | 28 107-215-296  56-117-151 102-211-293 103-178-226  63-131-172  88-163-211|
    | 29 110-221-304  57-120-155 104-216-300 105-182-231  64-134-176  90-167-216|
    | 30 113-228-314  58-123-159 106-221-307 107-186-236  65-137-180  92-171-221|
    | 31 116-235-324  59-126-163 108-226-314 109-190-241  66-140-184  94-175-226|
    | 32 120-244-337  62-132-171 114-238-331 114-200-255  70-148-195  99-185-240|
    | 33 123-250-345  63-135-175 116-243-338 116-204-260  71-151-199 101-189-245|
    | 34 126-257-355  64-138-179 118-248-345 118-208-265  72-154-203 103-193-250|
    | 35 129-264-365  65-141-183 120-253-352 120-212-270  73-157-207 105-197-255|
    | 36 133-273-378  68-147-191 127-267-372 125-222-284  77-165-218 110-207-269|
    | 37 136-279-386  69-150-195 129-272-379 127-226-289  78-168-222 112-211-274|
    | 38 139-286-396  70-153-199 131-277-386 129-230-294  79-171-226 114-215-279|
    | 39 142-293-406  71-156-203 133-282-393 131-234-299  80-174-230 116-219-284|
    | 40 146-302-419  74-162-211 139-295-412 136-244-313  84-182-241 121-229-298|
    | 41 149-308-427  75-165-215 141-300-419 138-248-318  85-185-245 123-233-303|
    | 42 152-315-437  76-168-219 143-305-426 140-252-323  86-188-249 125-237-308|
    | 43 155-322-447  77-171-223 145-310-433 142-256-328  87-191-253 127-241-313|
    | 44 159-331-460  80-177-231 151-323-452 147-266-342  91-199-264 132-251-327|
    | 45 162-337-468  81-180-235 153-328-459 149-270-347  92-202-268 134-255-332|
    | 46 165-344-478  82-183-239 155-333-466 151-274-352  93-205-272 136-259-337|
    | 47 168-351-488  83-186-243 157-338-473 153-278-357  94-208-276 138-263-342|
    | 48 172-360-501  86-192-251 163-351-492 158-288-371  98-216-287 143-273-356|
    | 49 175-366-509  87-195-255 165-356-499 160-292-376  99-219-291 145-277-361|
    | 50 178-373-519  88-198-259 167-361-506 162-296-381 100-222-295 147-281-366|
    |LVL     DEX         ATK         DEF      TOTAL EXP|
    |  1  20- 20- 20  12- 12- 12  10- 10- 10          0|
    |  2  22- 24- 25  14- 16- 17  11- 13- 14         29|
    |  3  24- 28- 30  16- 21- 24  13- 17- 19         83|
    |  4  29- 38- 44  19- 28- 34  15- 22- 26        170|
    |  5  31- 42- 49  21- 32- 39  16- 25- 30        289|
    |  6  33- 46- 54  23- 37- 46  18- 29- 35        504|
    |  7  35- 50- 59  26- 43- 54  20- 34- 42        808|
    |  8  40- 60- 73  29- 50- 64  23- 40- 50       1260|
    |  9  42- 64- 78  31- 54- 69  24- 43- 54       1930|
    | 10  44- 68- 83  33- 59- 76  26- 47- 59       2924|
    | 11  46- 72- 88  36- 65- 84  28- 52- 66       4375|
    | 12  51- 82-102  39- 72- 94  31- 58- 74       6504|
    | 13  53- 86-107  41- 76- 99  32- 61- 78       9622|
    | 14  55- 90-112  43- 81-106  34- 65- 83      14164|
    | 15  57- 94-117  46- 87-114  36- 70- 90      20783|
    | 16  62-104-131  49- 94-124  39- 76- 98      30427|
    | 17  64-108-136  51- 98-129  40- 79-102      44475|
    | 18  66-112-141  53-103-136  42- 83-107      64881|
    | 19  68-116-146  56-109-144  44- 88-114      86896|
    | 20  73-126-160  59-116-154  47- 94-122     110999|
    | 21  75-130-165  61-120-159  48- 97-126     138112|
    | 22  77-134-170  63-125-166  50-101-131     168140|
    | 23  79-138-175  66-131-174  52-106-138     203229|
    | 24  84-148-189  69-138-184  55-112-146     243327|
    | 25  86-152-194  71-142-189  56-115-150     288460|
    | 26  88-156-199  73-147-196  58-119-155     338688|
    | 27  90-160-204  76-153-204  60-124-162     393651|
    | 28  95-170-218  79-160-214  63-130-170     453784|
    | 29  97-174-223  81-164-219  64-133-174     518785|
    | 30  99-178-228  83-169-226  66-137-179     588907|
    | 31 101-182-233  86-175-234  68-142-186     679300|
    | 32 106-192-247  89-182-244  71-148-194     767609|
    | 33 108-196-252  91-186-249  72-151-198     867398|
    | 34 110-200-257  93-191-256  74-155-203     980160|
    | 35 112-204-262  96-197-264  76-160-210    1107581|
    | 36 117-214-276  99-204-274  79-166-218    1251567|
    | 37 119-218-281 101-208-279  80-169-222    1414270|
    | 38 121-222-286 103-213-286  82-173-227    1598125|
    | 39 123-226-291 106-219-294  84-178-234    1805882|
    | 40 128-236-305 109-226-304  87-184-242    2040647|
    | 41 130-240-310 111-230-309  88-187-246    2305931|
    | 42 132-244-315 113-235-316  90-191-251    2605702|
    | 43 134-248-320 116-241-324  92-196-258    2944443|
    | 44 139-258-334 119-248-334  95-202-266    3327221|
    | 45 141-262-339 121-252-339  96-205-270    3759759|
    | 46 143-266-344 123-257-346  98-209-275    4248528|
    | 47 145-270-349 126-263-354 100-214-282    4800837|
    | 48 150-280-363 129-270-364 103-220-290    5424946|
    | 49 152-284-368 131-274-369 104-223-294    6130189|
    | 50 154-288-373 133-279-376 106-227-299    6927113|
    For each stat at each level, the first number is the minimum, the second number
    is the average, and the third number is the maximum value for that stat at that
    level. There's no difference between the minimum and maximum values for each
    stat at level 1 because there is no variation in level 1 stats. The Attack,
    Defense, and Agility stats listed are with no equipment.
    As you can see, there is considerable possible variation in level 50 stats. In
    my solo game, all nine stats were below the average. It is theoretically
    possible to have the following stats at level 50, with the best equipment
    (Neisword, Laconian Chest, Neimet, and Gardaboots) equipped:
    Level: 50
    Equipment: Neisword, Laconian Chest, Neimet, Gardaboots
    HP: 519
    TP: 259
    Strength: 506
    Mental: 381
    Agility: 303
    Luck: 366
    Dexterity: 373
    Attack: 526
    Defense: 492
    These are Rolf's maximum possible values for every stat except Defense (Defense
    could be as high as 522 with two Ceramic Shields, but then Rolf would be unable
    to attack physically and would have a much lower Attack stat).
    Like I said, it would take many, many resets on each level in order to attain
    these stats. However, you don't have to go to so much trouble to have good
    stats. Instead of insisting on perfect levels every time, you could simply get
    higher than average gains each level in certain key stats. HP is always
    important. If you can get at least 220 TP, you'll be able to cast Megid four
    times, making the final battles easier. Strength and Defense may also be worth
    a few resets, or anything else you like. Or you can just monitor your stats,
    and if any of them drop too far below the average, you can build them back up.
    You can go to as much or as little trouble as you please. However, unless you
    have truly abyssmal luck and receive very low stat gains most of the time, you
    should be able to beat the game with Rolf alone without worrying about stats.
    VIII. Equipment|
    The following is a list of equipment in the game that Rolf can equip. I am
    excluding equipment that Rolf cannot use. Weapons are listed in order of
    increasing Attack, and other eqiupment is listed in order of increasing
    Defense. The selling price is half the buying price. If no price is listed, the
    item can neither be bought nor sold.
    <weapon name>
       Attack +<attack (how much damage the weapon does) bonus>
       Defense +<defense (damage reduced) bonus>
       Location: <the first or easiest location to acquire the weapon>
       Price: <the buying price of the weapon>
       Notes: <any comments I have about the weapon>
    Note: The Attack and Defense bonuses for one-handed weapons are the total bonus
    received when two of that weapon are equipped, because chances are you're going
    to have two of them (shields are useless in a Rolf solo game). The number in
    parentheses is the Attack or Defense bonus if only one weapon is equipped.
    Weapons without a "+<xx> each" listed after the Attack stat are two-handed
    weapons. The price listed for one-handed weapons is the price for two of them,
    with the price for only one in parentheses.
       Attack +10 (+5 each)
       Location: Paseo
       Price: 200 (100 each)
       Notes: This is a good weapon for the beginning of the game. Rolf only starts
              with one, though, so buy him another one immediately.
    Bow Gun
       Attack +16
       Location: Paseo
       Price: 300
       Notes: Don't bother with this. It does less damage than two Knives, and is
              more expensive.
    Sonic Gun
       Attack +34 (+17 each)
       Location: Paseo
       Price: 1,280 (640 each)
       Notes: Don't bother with these either. Despite their high Attack value, they
              don't actually do any more damage than Knives (except against enemies
              with high defense, which you won't be facing this early in the game),
              and they're way too expensive.
       Attack +36
       Defense +8
       Location: Arima
       Price: 1,200
       Notes: The Sword isn't as good as the Ceramic Knives (the knives do quite a
              bit more damage), but it's much cheaper, so buy this first until you
              can afford the knives.
    Ceramic Knife
       Attack +40 (+20 each)
       Defense +6 (+3 each)
       Location: Arima
       Price: 5,600 (2,800 each)
       Notes: These are the ideal weapons from Shure up until after the Biosystems
              Lab. They're very expensive, but buy them as soon as you can.
    Laser Knife
       Attack +56 (+28 each)
       Defense +10 (+5 each)
       Location: Zema
       Price: 8,800 (4,400 each)
       Notes: By the time you reach Zema, you should have more than enough for two
              of these. They're great weapons, and will last you for a long time:
              at least until the dams and possibly until Dezo.
    Ceramic Sword
       Attack +60
       Defense +10
       Location: Zema
       Price: 3,200
       Notes: Despite the slightly higher Attack bonus, the Ceramic Sword does much
              less damage than the Laser Knives. Buy the knives instead.
    Laser Sword
       Attack +100
       Defense +18
       Location: Piata
       Price: 5,400
       Notes: Don't bother. The laser knives *still* do more damage, despite the
              drastically lower Attack bonus.
    Sword of Anger
       Attack +116
       Location: Red Dam
       Price: 280
       Notes: The Sword of Anger is a viable alternative to the Laser Knives. It
              does about the same amount of damage, if not slightly more, and it
              frees up an inventory slot for a Trimate. The lack of a Defense bonus
              is a disadvantage, though.
    Laconian Sword
       Attack +124
       Defense +14
       Location: Ryuon
       Price: 22,000
       Notes: Finally, a good weapon upgrade. Whether you have the Sword of Anger
              or you're still using the Laser Knives, get this as soon as you get
              to Dezo. Meseta is no object at this point.
       Attack +150
       Defense +48
       Location: Esper Mansion
       Notes: By far the best weapon in the game. Unfortunately, you don't get it
              until just before the final dungeon.
    <armor name>
       Defense +<defense (damage reduced) bonus>
       Tech: <technique performed when the armor is used as an item in battle>
       Location: <the first or easiest location to acquire the armor>
       Price: <the buying price of the armor>
       Notes: <any comments I have about the armor>
    Prison Clothes
       Defense +0
       Location: Gaira
       Notes: Appears on you automatically in Gaira, and disappears afterwards. Not
              available at any other point in the game.
       Defense +4
       Location: Paseo
       Price: 128
       Notes: Rolf starts the game with this. Upgrade to a Fibercoat as soon as
       Defense +8
       Location: Paseo
       Price: 300
       Notes: You'll want to buy this as soon as possible. It will last you until
    Titanium Chest
       Defense +21
       Location: Kueri
       Price: 5,400
       Notes: The best armor for Roron.
    Ceramic Chest
       Defense +46
       Location: Piata
       Price: 10,000
       Notes: Available as soon as you get the Jet Scooter. You should have more
              than enough.
    Crystal Chest
       Defense +60
       Tech: Gra
       Location: Yellow Dam
       Price: 670
       Notes: Definitely pick this up. It will last you until Dezo. Gra does less
              damage than the Gizan from the Storm Gear, though.
    Laconian Chest
       Defense +80
       Location: Ryuon
       Price: 28,000
       Notes: The best armor for Rolf in the game. Too bad there's no Neichest.
    <helmet name>
       Defense +<defense (damage reduced) bonus>
       Location: <the first or easiest location to acquire the helmet>
       Price: <the buying price of the helmet>
       Notes: <any comments I have about the helmet>
    Magic Cap
       Defense +2
       Location: Skure
       Notes: While wearing the Magic Cap, the cats in Skure will give you useless
              information. You can also talk to the Dezolians in the towns on Dezo,
              but they'll lie to you and the prices for all services will be
              doubled. In other words, it's useless.
    Mogic Cap
       Defense +2
       Location: Skure
       Notes: The purpose of the Mogic Cap is to let you talk to the Dezolians. You
              can also talk to the cats in Skure while wearing it, but they will be
              very upset with you. You'll have to carry it around with you once you
              get it. Just be sure to re-equip your regular helmet after you're
              done in a town.
       Defense +3
       Location: Paseo
       Price: 120
       Notes: Rolf starts with no helmet, so you'll want to buy this as soon as you
       Defense +8
       Location: Oputa
       Price: 430
       Notes: A good upgrade for the Biosystems Lab, but there's better equipment
              in Zema.
    Titanium Gear
       Defense +14
       Location: Zema
       Price: 1,400
       Notes: Don't bother. Why buy this when a better helmet is available in the
              same town?
    Titanium Helmet
       Defense +16
       Location: Zema
       Price: 3,700
       Notes: Buy it as soon as you get to Zema. Unfortunately, this is the best
              helmet until you get the Neimet, so you'll be stuck with it for a
              long time.
       Defense +50
       Location: Menobe
       Notes: Finally, an upgrade from the Titanium Helmet. Big upgrade, too, and
              the best helmet in the game.
    <footgear name>
       Defense +<defense (damage reduced) bonus>
       Agility +<agility (speed) bonus>
       Location: <the first or easiest location to acquire the footgear>
       Price: <the buying price of the footgear>
       Notes: <any comments I have about the footgear>
       Defense + 3
       Agility + 2
       Location: Zema
       Price: 240
       Notes: Rolf starts the game with this. No upgrades until Zema.
       Defense +7
       Agility +3
       Location: Zema
       Price: 1,000
       Notes: The only upgrade available until Dezo.
       Defense +15
       Agility +8
       Location: Ryuon
       Price: 12,400
       Notes: The best footwear in the game.
    <shield name>
       Defense +<defense (damage reduced) bonus>
       Location: <the first or easiest location to acquire the shield>
       Price: <the buying price of the shield>
    Note: Shields are worthless in a Rolf solo game, and you'll never equip one. I
          am only including them for completion.
    Carbon Shield
       Defense +8
       Location: Paseo
       Price: 540
    Fiber Shield
       Defense +15
       Location: Oputa
       Price: 1,200
    Mirror Shield
       Defense +32
       Location: Zema
       Price: 4,800
    Ceramic Shield
       Defense +39
       Location: Kueri
       Price: 8,300
    Other Items
    <item name>
       Tech: <technique performed when the item is used as an item in battle>
       Location: <the first or easiest location to acquire the item>
       Price: <the buying price of the item>
       Notes: <any comments I have about the item>
    Note: Rolf cannot equip these items, but they perform a useful technique when
          used in battle. You'll want to pick these up as soon as you can.
    Amber Robe
       Tech: Gires
       Location: Yellow Dam
       Price: 170
       Notes: Perhaps the most useful item in the game. Once you get this, you'll
              hardly ever have to use anything else to heal. Still carry Trimates,
              though, just in case. This item will be in your inventory for the
              rest of the game.
    Storm Gear
       Tech: Gizan
       Location: Blue Dam
       Price: 630
       Notes: This is worth carrying around with you until Noah. Some monsters
              (especially some mechs) are very resistant to damage from bladed
              weapons. Use the Storm Gear on them instead, especially when there
              are more than one of them.
       Tech: Saner
       Location: Blue Dam
       Price: 130
       Notes: I never actually used this, but you might. It speeds you up in
              battle, causing your turn to come before that of the enemies. This
              might be useful against Dark Force and Mother Brain if you have lower
              than average Agility. Put it up in the Baggage Room in Paseo in case
              you need it.
    Snow Crown
       Tech: Deban
       Location: Blue Dam
       Price: 490
       Notes: The Snow Crown is one of the most useful items in the game, about as
              useful as the Amber Robe. Use it at the beginning of every battle,
              and the damage you take will be greatly reduced. You'll keep this in
              your inventory until the end of the game. Except for when you use
              Megid to level up in Noah, you should probably use this at the
              beginning of every battle from the time you get it until you defeat
              Mother Brain.
    IX. Closing|
    I hope my guide has been useful. I might update it in the future, if I feel
    like putting in the work. If you have contributions or corrections, please
    email me (my contact info is at the top).
    X. Credits|
    Sega, for making this great game.
    GameFAQs, for being a great place to find just about anything you want to know
    about a game.
    Dalez, for his very good general walkthrough.
    Voltron also has a good walkthrough.
    Twilkitri (http://twilkitri.fewiki.net/PS2/), for the data on stat gains and
    stat maxing. I stole the tables right from his site.
    The Phantasy Star Pages (http://www.phantasy-star.net/), for very useful maps
    and lists.
    Wolfgang Landgraf (http://rpg-home.lunar-net.com/choose.htm), for his great
    The $ Avenger, for the boss stats (and h4x!).
    Breakdown777 and Crystalgate, from the GameFAQs message boards, for answering a
    couple of questions.
    You, of course, for reading this guide.

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