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Is jun kazama in the game?

Is jun kazama in the game?

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Enfurem answered:

No. jun was killed by ogre in tekken 3. but asuka is basically jun.
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Bdizzle15 answered:

Don' t think so but why don't you just play it and find out, it's a lot easier that way...
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T3RM1N470R117 answered:

Jun was Absorbed by Ogre in the events leading up to Tekken 3. She WAS in Tekken Tag Tournament, but only because every Character from Tekken - Tekken 3 was in it. But Asuka Kazama (Jin's Cousin) has the Kazama Fighting style Identical to Jun's.

Hope this Helped.
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deadoralive14 answered:

No jun is not in it but she isn't dead she is unkniwn from tekken tag.
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Gabroru answered:

Actually she died...
its been confirmed a long time ago.
this is also what fueled jin's rage even further.
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Komissar33188 answered:

The Jun-Unknown parallel is weakly hinted at best. There is little to suggest it beyond Unknown's starting stance. Why a wolf? Why a Jin-esque tattoo? Why does she not even really look like Jun?

So, in short, Jun is D-E-A-D dead. You see Ogre pulling her corpse to pieces in one of the Tekken 3 intros. I consider that definitive.
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