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Where is Kigan Island/Subterranean Pavillion on the Map?

I have completed scenario campaign & Nightmare Train so why isn't Kigan Island/Subterranean Pavillion on the Map? What do I need to do to get the last 2 locations?

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TLMGZ answered:

Kigan Island and Subterranean Pavillion are unlocked by playing on the hard setting.

Kigan Island - Go to Steve's stage on hard. At the beginning of the map, there is a box. Break it and a samurai with a straw hat will jump out. Beat him and take the item he drops. Exit back to the map and Kigan Island is unlocked.

Subterranean Pavillion - Play Leo's stage again on hard.
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nuyuki answered:

I beat leo on scenario mode on hard and it unlocked subterranean I dont know if it will unlock by playing it on easy but good luck I cant beat it on meduim...but Im bad at these gamse lol
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