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I figured that all the weapons (equipment for the back and waist) were for show purposes only...and then I saw Alisa using her naginata out of the corner of my eye in Scenario mode. Was I seeing things or is this possible?

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yes you can use some of the weapons that certain characters have ive only done it once and i have a custome control for when i play i use the right and left triger L triger use LK HK and on the right use LP HP, this should help now what you do is hold back and tap these two at the same time it works with devil jin but i dont know about other characters if i find out more ill let you know

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Yes, each character can use two items. I believe most of the back weapons can be used. To use an item, you need to press 3 buttons at once. Either both kicks and one punch or both punches and one kick along with a direction, usually back.

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All weapons can be used except for Japanese/Chinese sword or the Broadsword.

All male characters and Leo can use the Sledgehammer, and all female characters and Roger Jr. can use the Naginata.

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I used the machine gun on brians back by holding back and pressing Y, B, and A.

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That's what happen to me also, I saw alisa using the naginata too, but when I used her I can't figure out how to use it.

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