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Asked: 4 years ago

What does Galen's weapon "Celestial Wolf" do?

The description says that it makes him stronger if he is fully leveled, or something like that, but it is weaker than the other weapons? What does Celestial Wolf's effect mean?

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All of the weapons for each that are obtained by playing Co-op have the same description. It is widely believed that it provides a hidden stat boost, like certain weapons boost fire damage and the effect remains unseen on the equip screen. That said, yes it is weaker than other fully leveled weapons in terms of straight up attack power.

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This has been answered elsewhere on here... apparently, the final weapon for any character will increase the character's stats only after both the weapon and character are level 10. I can't say it's true as I don't have a level 10 character nor have I been on Co-op yet tho...

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