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Asked: 3 years ago

Upagrade bulidings ?

How are you to get your business upgraded i know there is a way i just don't know how?

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From: gunmetalmanny 3 years ago

Only three buildings do it. There cribs. If you look on your map the cribs with yellow dots can be upgraded

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There is only one way for customization or upgrades, which is with strongholds. You can only upgrade them twice each- at this current time it appears only to be three strongholds. When you upgrade them you get several upgrades.

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Which strongholds is it that u are able to upgrade plz?

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Yes, you can upgrade but STRONGHOLDS ONLY, but only 3 times.....they are the nuke plant, and like 2 others but i foregot what they are but once you complete the mission associated with them, it should say something like ........Is now a stronghold....

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Another stronghold is Safeword, where you save Zimos from.

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The three stongholds or "cribs" that you can upgrade are...

3 Count (Bottom left of map)
Burns Hill Reactors (Top left of map)
Safeword (Right of map in the middle)

The cheapest one to upgrade is Safeword so if your going for that achievement that requires you to upgrade one crib to the max, id go there. I think you need 60,000 dollars in total.
If you wanna upgrade any of those cribs you have to enter the building until the "Access Crib" option appears. Click that and you'll find Stonghold Customization and from there you'll have the options to upgrade your building.

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