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Can't be happening?

Please tell me Johnny is still alive, there's no way he can go down that easily.

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Sunblast answered:

Disappointingly, he is, in fact, dead in Saints Row: The Third. What's really lame is that he was killed completely off-screen and in a very ambiguous manner. It took me a good while to know for sure that he was dead as I kept expecting him to be held captive someplace. It turns out you go to his funeral, but I really didn't figure that out from the choppy cutscenes.

Like most people, I'm hoping he'll get some kind of comeback, though I feel like the ending to SR:TT might be a bit difficult to make a sequel for. Maybe it's time to follow a new group of Saints or even a new gang?
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Pyrnstein answered:

He never returns throughout the game, and upon finishing it you unlock the "Zombie Gat" homie. Personally, I felt his death was very rushed and wasn't pulled off well.
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Alberic913 answered:

Everyone is talking about him as if he's dead. Personally, I'm thinking that he'll be cloned for the fourth, 'cuz Saint's Row w/o Gat is pointless. I've missed his added dynamic throughout this game. I think they had similar issues with Kim they had with Dushku, but he could come in for a day or two.
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brock147 answered:

Well if u look at some of the addons comeing out, he might reappear then, but i agree, gat cant go down that easily, hes been ran through with a sword, shot almost as many times as my character has. and more. i dont think johnny gat can die THAT easily i think hes in stillwater, that is where he was headed with that plane.
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