Question from pacman7993

What are the muscle cars in this game?

not asking 'cos I like muscle cars but I need one for one of the assassination missions and I don't know what the muscle cars are.

pacman7993 provided additional details:

The Attrazione and Vortex didn't work since they're not muscle cars

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mrkitsune answered:

Phoenix, bootlegger, or hammerhead.
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Pyrnstein answered:

The car I used is the Phoenix. It's not rare, but not extremely common either. Can be found anywhere.
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gearsofwarpro50 answered:

use the attrazione or the vortex. You can find a vortex around the area were target is, but it might take some running back and forth.
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Kstaaa answered:

True looking muscles in SR3 are the Phoenix and the Bootlegger.
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Pyrnstein answered:

The Attrazione and Vortez didn't work for me.
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