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Blaize Assassination **SPOILERS**?

I started the assassination missions when I was done withthe main campaign. The only assassination that takes place in the zombie filled area involves a superhero named Blaize. You are supposed to rob a store for him to show himself. There is only one store in the designated area, a "Rim Jobs". I robbed it, sirens and everything, but nothing.

Is this not possible to do after the zombie mission?


Nayroy answered:

Sometimes in co-op they won't show, in single player also. If he keeps not showing up, try it in someone's game.
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Pyrnstein answered:

I did all assassinations after the campaign, so it can be done. Sadly, I can't offer any help for your problem.
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mrkitsune answered:

Strange, i just completed that earlier tonight and i didnt have to do it on the zombie island. maybe try a store near but still within the borders of the designated area?
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Shirase answered:

So, when I first tried to do it, the game actually pointed me to the wrong location.

But yeah, like you tried, I robbed a Rim Jobs and held him up until I saw the white target cursor appear.
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siraronar answered:

You need to rob a store somewhere in Carver Island (the Luchadore territory). While Arapice Island is Luchie territory, I'm not sure it counts as Carver Island. Any time I've done this mark, I've been sent to the New Baranec or Yearwood neighborhoods. For people still having trouble, avoiding Arapice may be a better plan. Plus it's a lot easier to rob Planet Saints, Let's Pretend, and Friendly Fire than it is Rim Jobs due to where the clerk has to move (the easier stores require no clerk movement, while with Rim Jobs the clerk has to move to the safe).
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MagicManJay answered:

Rob the Friendly Fire instead. The clerk doesn't have to move and it's more conveniently placed.
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Felix1459 answered:

My recommendation would be to try robbing Planet Saints. That's the one I did when I completed it.
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