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How bad is the s&m sex club scene in this game?

My mom wont let have the game because of this scene and i want to know how bad it is if there is a youtube video on this level could u leave the link in your answer.

anonymousx87x provided additional details:

Could u post a youtube link so i can show her its not that bad?


mattman100x answered:

There is a cuple missions where you battle in a bdsm which is a club with alot of sex. Plus there is mission where you battle hooker assains. There is limited nudity [privite parts are digitalized]. That is pretty much it though
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Pyrnstein answered:

There is no nudity or sex in the game. The worst you'll see in the BDSM club is people in gimp suits and maybe a sex toy laying around. And at one point, your character wakes up drugged and naked (blurred out) in the club. It's not that bad, really.
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Pyrnstein answered:
From 8:40 to around 13:00 is the first mission in the club. The deep, boring voice is the guy playing.

Also, there is some "strong" language. Heads up.
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Pyrnstein answered:

From 3:15 to 11:50 is the second mission. Notice the blurred area around the naked character's junk.

I had to put a line break in the URL to make this site accept it.
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