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Asked: 3 years ago

Raising Landing Gear?

Can you finally raise the landing gear on the airplanes and helicopters in the game? I know it is a small detail but it really bothered me that you could not raise the landing gear on the airplanes and helicopters.

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From: gOwCoD4 3 years ago

The landing gear goes up in the VTOL, but helicopter landing gears usually don't go up in any game i've ever seen them in, they usually just have the rails on the bottom

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Its a very small detail and nothing thats really important you know, its not a simulator game.

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Im not asking for a simulator quality at all. With Saints Row 2 they put so much detail into the plains and helicopters but they didn't put in the option to raise the landing gear so the planes looked like crap when you flew them. I know its a small detail but to me an important one, and I know im not all alone on this. I mean even GTA: San Andreas had the option to raise the landing gear and that was from mad years ago. I'm not looking for simulator quality but they should definitely have option to raise the landing gear.

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as for helicopters, in RL i dont think the landing gear goes up, maybe in the tornado the front wheel...

as for plans, def a minor detail, but you would think after all that time spent on how good they look, they take the how ever long to put that in...

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only the 2 vtol aircraft/helicopter things have a landing gear that automatically goes up like in GTA: SA.
The condor landing gear goes up slightly and the F-69 VTOL's landing gear goes all the way up when you are a certain way off the ground or you change the mode on it. hope this helps :D

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