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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Is it still realistic? 7
Is Matt Miller's Avatar boss glitched? 1
Resident Evil? 2
SPOILERS will someone help? 1

Other Help Answers
'Lights! Camera! Action!' Achievement? 1
(Crib Customization???) 1
Aircraft/Helicopters Upgrades ?? 3
Any good genki locations? 2
Are achievements disabled if cheats are used? 1
Can I get Survival calls after 100% control? 2
Can you get drunk/go into bars in Saints Row:The Third? 1
Can you play local? 1
Can you replay missions? 3
Can you still customize cribs? 2
Cash to reputation? 2
Cool suit from HTTP:/DECKERS.DIE? 2
Does anyone have a spare online pass please? 5
Does respect your earn between check points still save? 2
Empty spaces on map? 2
Enemy gang members after 100% completition? 1
Genki? 2
Hairstyles and clothing of your gang? 1
Have sex? 2
How do I fix this grenade challenge? 2
How does the hand-to-hand combat work? 1
How long is Whored Mode? 5
How to remove censor? 3
If you have a dude can you date shaundi? 1
Is It Possible To Unlock All 24 Homies? 3
Is there a censored demo of this game? 1
Is there a limit to respect gained on basejumping? 1
Is there a way to change your character's face? 3
Is there any secret islands in the middle of the ocean like in SR2? 3
Is this game gta on crack? 3
Items/Clothes and Locations ? 1
Long story line?? 5
My sister ordered me saints row the third (preowned) at and it did not come with a manual what can I do? 1
New dlc? 1
Raising Landing Gear? 5
Same pple as in 1 & 2? 1
Season pass troubles? 1
Upagrade bulidings ? 6
What is Genkibowl VII? 1
What rewards do lesser activities provide? 2
What's the name of the voice actress for Kia? 1
When are you able to upgrade weapons & strongholds? 1
Where and how do I find Professor Genki?? 1
Will it have cheats? 4

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