Question from sam_vere

How do I get the text from Stubb's after bugging Bryce's car on a second playthrough?

On my first playthrough I did not dial the number from Stubbs' text after bugging Bryce's car often enough to hear anything.

On my current playthrough the text refuses to appear. I've run the mission several times, cleared the cache etc.

Any ideas?


killernerd420 answered:

Well that's odd that happened to you, but i'll tell you what happened when i did it. after i did the mission, i got a call from stubbs, and he said he'd send me the #. i just walked around for a bit and he texted it to me, and the # was on my friend's list. i did the mission after i finished the story, but i'm not sure if that would have anything to do with it. try redoing the mission and walking around afterwards for a few minutes so nothing can stop the call.
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