Question from lazarus594

Asked: 5 years ago

Switching between GTAIV/GTAIV Lost & Damned?

call me retorded but is there a way to switch between the games?? i have LAD dled to my HD so it needs the GTAIV disk to run off of.. or however it works.. but i am only able to play LAD since choosing the option to do so.. trying to figure out how to switch between modes.. any help would uhm.. help..

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From: bho93 5 years ago

If you have a saved file from the original gta 4, you can load that saved file or you can start a new game. if you start a new game it will give you the choice of starting a new TLAD game or a new gta 4 game.

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Once you start your game, hit start. Select game and click on load. If you didn't save over your original GTA 4 file, you can load it thatn way. Otherwise select new, and the original gta optipn.

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