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1. Copyright notice

2. Introduction

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3. Guide version history

4. About the game

5. Achievements guide

6. Conclusion

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I decided to write this guide because it might be useful for players that are
trying to unlock some or all the achievements in the PC version of Grand Theft
Auto: Episodes From Liberty City. This game is the retail edition of the two
Episodes released for Grand Theft Auto IV, which are also available as DLC
(downloadable content). If you buy each Episode as DLC, you will need to have
GTA IV already installed for the DLCs to work properly. If you buy the retail
edition (Episodes From Liberty City), you don't need to have GTA IV installed.
No matter what you buy, this achievement guide will work for the DLCs and the
retail edition. Just remember to be be connected to Games for Windows LIVE
while playing, otherwise you won't unlock any achievement.

Please note that this guide only applies to the Episode "The Lost and Damned".
For "The Ballad of Gay Tony" achievements guide (the other Episode/DLC), check
the following link:

-> www.gamefaqs.com/pc/987735-grand-theft-auto-iv-the-ballad-of-gay-tony/faqs

Almost everything on this guide comes from my personal experience, as I do
unlock all achievements before writing the guide. However, I base myself on
some sources to be sure that what is written here is as correct as possible.
Everyone that helps me (directly or indirectly) is properly credited.

Having said that, I hope you find this guide useful. Thank you for reading.



I try to make a good structure for the guide, so that way you can quickly find
what you need. Even though most browsers nowadays feature an easy-to-use search
function, this section will help you understand how I structured the guide, in
case you have any trouble.

All achievements are organized in alphabetic order. I use their official name
to organize them alphabetically. So, in the first line you have the name of the
achievement, its official description and its Gamerscore. Below that I give
a detailed explanation on how to unlock it. Here's an example:

.                                                         .
. One Percenter - Help Billy get his bike back. [5]       .
.                                                         .
. Explanation on how to get this achievement goes here.   .
.                                                         .

You can refer to the following page to see a list of all achievements:

-> http://www.gta4.net/lost-and-damned/achievements.php


Version 1.0 - 14/07/2010
Guide fully written. All achievements are covered.


- TITLE: Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City - The Lost and Damned

- PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows

- RELEASE DATE: 16 April 2010

- DEVELOPERS: Rockstar North and Rockstar Toronto

- PUBLISHER: Rockstar Games

- WEBSITE: www.rockstargames.com/episodesfromlibertycity/


- TOTAL GAMERSCORE: 250 points


Easy Rider - Finish the story. [100]

This is a story related achievement. There are 22 missions that you need to
complete in order to finish the story. The achievement will unlock after you
either watch or skip the credits. This guide is NOT a walkthrough, so I don't
give any information on how to beat the game or a specific mission. If you need
help to complete the missions, please check the link below, which will take you
to a great walkthrough provided by GTA4.net.

-> http://www.gta4.net/lost-and-damned/missions.php

Full Chat - Build Terry and Clay's toughness to 100%. [70]

Terry and Clay are permanent members of The Lost and the best way to build
their toughness is doing Gang Wars. These side-missions will be available after
the mission "Politics". There will always be two or three Gang Wars throughout
Liberty City, so all you have to do is go there with a bike, wait for Terry,
Clay and other four members of The Lost to appear, go to the location marked on
the map and then kill all the enemies without dying. After each completed Gang
War, the game will display how tough Terry and Clay are. Just keep doing these
side-missions and eventually both bars will reach 100% and the achievement will
unlock. You can also call Terry or Clay during a mission to help you out. Use
the phone to call one of them (select the option "backup") and they will arrive
and help you complete the mission. This function is only available after the
mission "Hit the Pipe".

NOTE: Terry and Clay never die on the Gang Wars or when called for backup, so
you can play as long as you want until the achievement unlocks.

Get Good Wood - In the bike races, whack off 69 bikers with a bat. [50]

The bike races will unlock after you beat the mission "Liberty City Choppers".
Once the mission is over, Terry will call you saying that a race is going on.
Johnny accepts and you must now drive to the race location, which is marked on
the map by a red circle with a white helmet in it. You will be given a wooden
bat before the start, which will be your only weapon during races. To knock the
opponents off their bikes, press and hold LMB or RMB, depending to which side
you want to swing the bat. To deliver a powerful hit, capable of whacking a
biker off, you must hold the button for at least 2 seconds. Then all you need
to do is approach the biker you want to knock off and release the button. If
done correctly, the biker will fall off his bike (in a very realistic and funny
way, I might add). Keep doing this on all races and soon you will have whacked
more than 69 bikers. There are 12 different races throughout the city, and you
will be able to repeat them all after you finish all of them at least once. To
see how many bikers you already knocked off, check the "Statistics" section of
the pause menu.

One Percenter - Help Billy get his bike back. [5]

This is the first achievement you unlock in The Lost and Damned. You just need
to complete the first mission, "Clean and Serene", to unlock it. This mission
serves as an introduction to the game, presenting the main characters and a bit
of background story. After the first cut-scene, just follow the yellow route on
the map to bring you and the rest of The Lost gang back to the Clubhouse. When
you reach the Clubhouse, another cut-scene will begin, you can either watch it
or skip it. After the cut-scene, get back on your bike and drive to a garage
in Bohan (again follow the yellow route on the map). Watch another cut-scene,
then get back on your bike and go to another location. You will now have to
fight some enemies, and after you kill them all, Billy will retrieve his bike
and the achievement will unlock. Drive back to the Clubhouse, in formation with
the rest of The Lost, to finish the mission.

If you need help to beat this mission, check the following link:

-> http://www.gta4.net/lost-and-damned/missions.php#clean-and-serene

The Lost Boy - Become leader of The Lost. [25]

You will unlock this achievement after the mission "This Shit's Cursed". During
this mission you will have to follow Billy to Chinatown, where Johnny and Jim
will try to make a deal with the Chinese. However, the deal goes wrong and you
have to fight your way down the building to the street, where Brian and Billy
are waiting. As you approach the street level, a cut-scene will start, showing
Billy getting arrested by the cops. After the cut-scene, get out of the
building and meet Brian. You are now President of The Lost, so you must get on
your bike and lead your brothers back to the Clubhouse. The achievement will
unlock after you start driving your bike, however the mission will only finish
after you reach the Clubhouse.

If you need help to beat this mission, check the following link:

-> http://www.gta4.net/lost-and-damned/missions.php#this-shits-cursed


This is the end of the guide. I hope you had enjoyed reading it and I hope it
will help you get some achievements. It was a pleasure to write it. Check the
section below in case you need to contact me.

Thank you for reading.


Feel free to contact me (hydro_pt@hotmail.com) in any of the situations below:

- If you see any fault of any kind (incorrect or incomplete information,
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- If you want to contribute with useful information to improve the guide, don't
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- If you want to host this guide on your site/blog or other place, please ask
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- Last but not least, if you have any doubts about a certain achievement, you
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- GTA4.net staff for all the pages with important information, such as the map,
  mission walkthroughs, list of achievements, etc.

- GTA Wiki members for the precious information on various subjects, such as
  the new cars added, info on random characters, etc.

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