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How do I Raise affinity quickly? *Spoiler?*

I've been playing this game for awhile and playing with momiji. Shes slow, takes forever to catch up, is horrible with a sword for the most part, and i cant for the life of me get her to move in. Whats a quick way to raise affinity?

SgtBartlett provided additional details:

Yeah, ive tried giving her food and items but she just dosnt accept them, what do you reccomend?

ninjaknux asked for clarification:

Im sorry man, I haven't bothered with companions myself but theres a topic board faq in the WOTS3 board. You can search it and I'm sure the answer will be there and someone will likely make a companions FAQ later.

Accepted Answer

Cbrbite answered:

I spent 5 days with her...traveled all over did inklings and around 21:00 she went home each night. I slept till noon and did it all over. Every day i took her back to my house and talked to her...around the 5th day it said would you like to move in...That was 3 plays ago she stays after you finish a game and makes your money in the bank go up 3% every once and a while.
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ninjaknux answered:

give her things? In the menu there's a give option for items.
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