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Asked: 5 years ago

America Please Answer?

Hey I've Always been a fan of this series and I beat WOTS 1 and 2 countless times and I was shocked and awed to find that a WOTS 3 for next gen consoles was coming out. I WAS EVEN MORE SHOCKED to find that it was JP only?
Will the xbox 360 version come to america? If so anyone have a Legit Source?

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From: gtomanga 5 years ago

go to date you will be more SHOCKED to see that its not a JP only
the USA ver will come in octoper 2009

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Gamestop has a release date of 10/13/2009 for the 360 and PS3.

I'm really stoked too!

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The game will be having a US release, however only select stores will be getting it. The smart money is to just order it online from something like Amazon.

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The game is now released in select stores and online. I got mine from Amazon...

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it's already been released, Amazon has had it for a week now, but Gamestop just got it in this past friday and some gamestop's could have the special preorder dvd for this.

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