Question from star2014

Do you have to find the animals durring the game?

I mean, like after you beat the game and you still need to located all the animals. Do you have to restart the game over or can you just get them by going through the individual levels? This goes for the plants too.


Tohyachan answered:

You can go through individual levels again to get the achievement, but once you start a level you must finish that level and get all of the animals for it to count. You can't just go back and only hit the ones you missed the first time... and you have to finish the level with all cages broken. There's also a weirdness where you have to have all cages broken on every single level at the same time because if you go back to another level where you already got the cages and play it for something else it resets the level and it will count those cages as zero until you break all of them. So make sure you do it all in order or it'll get annoying to try and keep track of it.

Plants don't count for anything... there's no achievement for them so you don't really need every one.
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