Question from muddygoat

Is there a way to reset the game progress?

I have beatin the game with using mostly the black deck and now, because the AI is using better cards, I am having trouble unlocking the other deck's cards. Is there a way to reset my profiles progress so the AI has basic cards so I can unlock cards without beating the final boss too early?

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thedarkavenger8 answered:

yes they do. i beat Tezzeret and i still unlocked cards from the first campaign duels.
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tatiki answered:

You dont need to play against the later opponents to unlock cards. If you want to do it quickly just set the A.I. to "Mage" difficulty and play the first couple campaign levels again. Its not the difficulty that unlocks cards, it is simply wins.
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ThermalStone answered:

The campaign duels 1-6 do not gain any extra unlockable cards when you beat Tezzeret.
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