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How do I beat challenge 3?

Need help with challenge #3

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Use Elvish Piper to bring out Roughshod Mentor. Then attack with all your Grizzly Bears. Wait for the computer to assign their blockers. Then use 3x Giant Growth on a Grizzly Bear that is being blocked by an Elvish Pathfinder.

Just make sure you use the Giant Growths AFTER the computer chooses the blockers.

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Your first move should be to use elvish piper's Ability. Once used, call Roughshod Mentor to play. His ability allows green monsters within your control to have the ability Trample. Once he is called into play hit Y to continue. Next, you should attack with all 3 of your Grizzly Bears, Finalize your move and wait for him to select his block. Now that he has selected the monsters he is blocking your bears with. Stop the timer and use all three of your
Giant Growth's onto a bear that is being blocked by one of his Civic Wayfinder, once you After all the damage, He should have -1 life.

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Cut and pasted from my award winning FAQ:

Use your Elvish Piper's ability to put your Roughshod Mentor into
play. This will give all your Grizzly Bears the trample ability. Attack
with the three bears. After blockers are assigned, press X to stop the timer.
Cast all three Giant Growths on the bear blocked by the Civic Wayfinder. That
bear will become an 11/11 creature with trample, dealing two damage to finish
off the elf and nine to finish off Garruk.

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Activate the Elvish Pipers ability to put Roughshod Mentor into play then attack with the 3 Grizzly Bears. Finally, play 3 Giant Growths targeting a Grizzly Bear blocked by a Civic Wayfinder.


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