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Titans of Industry Glyph?

This is the one with Edison and Tesla and i can't figure out the second part with the symbols that have to match the numbers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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eLJues answered:

Yeah the second one is kinda tricky.. given that you've solved the first one already, here is the answer to it anyway..

Alignment #1 ---- Hint: 4=1

Q: 917
A: 240

Pop all the bulbs... watch a messed up video of an elephant getting electrocuted... ID the flashy lightball..


Alignment #2 (Ford Archive) ---- Hint: Look Closely in the gallery of photos of Ford in search of Symbols and Numbers.

If you haven't noticed there's a Symbol on the Newspaper (Line-Line-Dot-Dot) and the number 2 (Its on the car over to the left). So I adjusted the dial and aligned the Symbol over '2' ... Soon as you've done that, figure out the pattern.

And your answer will be...

Q: 1, 3, 9
A: 2(lines)1(dot), 3(lines), 1(line)2(dots)

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peacefrog78 answered:

rotate the wheel until one or both of the missing symbols lines up with the 1,3, or 9. You have to count to get the right symbols. I can't remember which it is, but the missing symbol(s) are part of the code.
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