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Asked: 5 years ago

Glyph location in Mercato Vecchio in Florence?

I found the other ones so easy but this one is killing me! Any help?

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From: chainsawsb 5 years ago

This took me forever to find. It's in the northeastern corner of the marketplace. You'll see a small structure with a smaller top to it, and a tile roof. The glyph is on the eastern side of it, in the corner. Looks like vertical chinese writing to me. Hopefully that helps.

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Hey there. I need some help with something similar. I've gotten 4 out of the 5 glyphs in Florence:
San Lorenzo, Mercato Vecchio, Santa Croce, and La Rosa Colta. I can't seem to find the fifth one, and there's a missing entry in my locations database between Firenze and San Lorenzo. Any idea where I went wrong?

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The one you are missing is called OSPEDALE DEGLI INNOCENTI. unfortunately i can't tell you where it is there because I found the spot but didn't take the time to look for the glyph. Hope that helps

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The Hospital is in the top right hand corner of the Map. There will be doctors on the top left and bottom right and a blacksmith in the bottom middle. The Glyph is on the roof top it is very hard to miss.

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I haven't found it YET,but if you go to there is a map for all of the areas in the game. Or if you go onto youtube their channel name is RoosterTeeth.

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Sorry I meant that there is a map for all of the glyphs and feathers in all of the places you can visit.

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