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How do I get my Altair armor back?

Ok, So I beat Assassins Creed 2 and I had the Altair armor but then I bought the regular armor from the blacksmith to get the ''Victory Lies in Preparation'' achievement. And now I have the Missaglias armor on instead of my Altair armor and I don't know how to get it back.
So if anyone knows how to get it back please tell me!!! Thank You

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Bieofox answered:

Go to the Villa and in one of the rooms there will be mannequins with armor on them. Your Altair armor is in there. Just Interact with the set that has Altair's and you can re-equip.
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Kayne0 answered:

you have to go to the appropriate armor stand in you Monteriggionia/Villa the armor room is in the north west corner of the villa on the bottom floor. you can also change weapons in the room in the southwest corner
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