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How do I solve glyph puzzle "The Bunker"?

I've been trying to figure this one out for a while. this is the one with the WWII pictures. if you figure this one out or where the alignment goes, then it would be helpful

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KausticX answered:

Very faintly, in the picture with the tank, You can see a <=. In the middle, in the empty space between pictures, you can see a 4 fading in and out of sight.

So, < = 4. This will put the bowtie-looking-symbol on the 9, so there's you answer for the 9. However the other two numbers will land on blank spots (like they very frequently do).

To figure out the missing symbols, you have to figure out the pattern to the symbols. The pattern is... angles. The number of angles in the symbol. Not curves, but sharp pointy angles. First theres an O which obviously has no angles. Then a < which has the one angle. So on and so forth. Each progressing symbol has one more angle.

SO, to find the missing symbols, look at the symbol before it on the wheel, count the number of sharp angles that has, then find the symbol that has one more sharp angle than that.
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Blood_XIII answered:

I remember that the last symbol you need to set is the diamond with a smaller diamond inside, but that's all i got, sorry.
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A_Riders_Rage answered:

I'm gunna tell you the exact answer, no hints. 8 is the almost closed square with the line going into in from the top left corner, 9 is the bowtie looking thing, and 1 is the diamond with a smaller diamond inside it.
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