Question from ultrajenova

How do I solve puzzle glyph "The Fourth Day"?

Once Worshiped, Now Ignored, From a Distance It Watches and Waits


manutd756 answered:

Select ever picture with the Sun in it.
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RnR457 answered:

More specifically;
~ sun sitting in between moutain things
~aztec / meca calander (sorry i cant remember which one)
~the east gate
~black bird thing
~The sistine Chapel

.... enjoy!
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venne22001 answered:

The book of the dead.
The Sixteen Chappel
The Eastern gates
The Aztec Calender
The Red Sun sitting between two mountains. (the second picture on the top).
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Lady_Alessia answered:

I'm sorry, I have to do this: It's the SISTINE Chapel, venne. And also, if you don't get it the first time, guess and check with known ones until you get it.
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Spiritan answered:

Coose pictures 2,3,5,8 and 9
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