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How do I solve (Codex Map puzzle)?

How Do i put the codex pages in order? whats the Order? what pic is it supposed to look like i tried reading all the pages and i eaven made tht earth and stil nothing HELP!!!!!!!!!.....And i got all the pages..i lined up alll the pages and nothing happen :c please help!!

SkaterJay13 provided additional details:

Its not easy dane

SkaterJay13 provided additional details:

I made the world i have to click a button or it just dose it by it self....Help!!!!

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Echo071 answered:

Put on eaglevision and rotate the pieces. It should form a map of teh world.
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mxs1026 answered:

Nothing will happen until you reach memory sequence 14. You will be at the mansion and place the apple. Using your eagle vision make sure all the pieces are in the proper place making a map of the world. You will see several assassin symbols scattered across the globe, the symbol that is close to where Washington DC would be is upside down although the piece is in the correct position. rotate it and you will get a scene revealing the location of the vault.
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