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I just finished the last assassination, the one where you kill the hunter. After the loser was knocked into the water by his own guys, I decided to go to the dummy. I looted him... and he gave my a key? What's this suposed to do?

tyrongkojy provided additional details:

Yes we are. I got it from the dummy after doing the last contract. I haven't found a use, and am on the final boss.

Nec666ros asked for clarification:

I am having this exact same problem.. I searched the dummy and got the key, but have absolutly no idea what to do with them... Or if there is even a use for them... I have beat the game and completed EVERYTHING I can that doesn't require a pre-order code... I got all the treasures, completed all the races and the assassination contracts... Still no clue what to do with the keys...

tyrongkojy provided additional details:

Likely they simply forgot it. I haven't found anything for it, and the game is 100% done, minues DLC.

Richkat asked for clarification:

I've got the Black Edition there is nothing that needs a key in the extra maps. I think there might have been three keys originally once you found one it opened the location of one of the extra maps that were in black edition but it was buggy and cut from the game at the last minute.

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skipray22 answered:

There are two Keys in this game, one from the aforementioned dummy and another from the dummy you shoot while practicing with the pistol for Leonardo. The Keys were probably left in the game by accident, they serve no purpose.
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JohnRyan1228 answered:

Are we talking about the same game? I've beaten the whole game and at no point was their a key needed for anything
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Neo_King answered:

Yeah, I got the key too. Maybe it involves a treasure bonus for completing all the assassination mission, or maybe it's just something the developers were planning to incorporate and forgot to take out.
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Gundabad answered:

I have just found the same keys.
but i noticed, with eagle vision, that the 'dummy' was bleeding while it was standing.
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PhoenixE3 answered:

I didnt notice bleeding...but i noticed the dummy was gold which is weird since its not a person i thought it wouldnt even have a color for it like the gold white blue n red...i didnt loot it tho...mayb you need to hav that black edition of the game that has all the downloads
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negrizz answered:

I have the same problem and the same key, and I dont kwon how to use it!!!!! anybody.......!??!?
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HkNoss answered:

I dont have any idea of what you are talking of but im going to go try that one out THANKS!
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Pinlock answered:

After you pick up the keys i noticed that the Docks in Venice Gate Far East Past the Mercenaries Area, where one of the last missions were, so now you don't have to climb up the walls
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Slade8 answered:

+1 to the list of people that found "The Key" and has no idea what it's for.

We need to send an email to the dev team.
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Reversinator answered:

As of now, the key has no use whatsoever.
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AtomizerX answered:

I have completed this game 100%, all DLC, preorder codes, achievements, ect. I have keys from other dummies, and the Hunt the hunter assassination key. I have found nothing that the keys are used for. Also they do not appear in any inventory or menu. So I dont expect to see a use for them.
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