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How do I solve henry ford glyphs?

Cant get it wheel with numbers and another wheel line and dot pattern help please

SeraphimWings asked for clarification::

I JUST did this, with help from a friend. I would REALLY like to know where the "clue" to figure out that puzzle is. all I saw was that ||.. In the newspaper article but couldnt make sense of it.

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Caitlynnx answered:

1 = II.
2 = II..
3 = (Blank)
4 = III.
5 = .
6 = ..
7 = I
8 = I.
9 = (Blank)
0 = II

The answer to 3 is III and 9 is I..
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teenagephantom answered:

The ll.. was in the paper and you align it to two because that is the number on the car in the picture
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venne22001 answered:

It's like this.
1 = ll. ----------- 2line and 1 dot
3 = lll ----------- 3 lines
9 = l.. ------------1line and 2 dots
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