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Memory Sequences 12 and 13?

I recently beat AC2 and i went back and looked at my DNA. To my surprise, i went from sequence 11 straight to 14! This makes sense, because i still cant visit the southern part of Florence... what did i miss? Can anyone help?

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billybob233 answered:

Ubisoft are releasing 2 DLC for AC2 'The battle of Forli' and 'The Bonfire of the Vanties' at the beginning of next year which could fill in the sequnce 12 and 13 gap
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nightangelezio answered:

If you listen to what lucy says after completing sequence 11 she talks to rebecca about the data being corrupted and shaun fill you in a bit on what happened. You cant play them its just part of the game
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Hunter_Zero72 answered:

I disagree, I think we're missing something, because I've done everything
I can find on the DNA sequence list, and I mean EVERYTHING, from story missions, to assassinations, to races, to having all 330 of the treasure chests and all 100 feathers, yet my totaly synchronization is still only 97.6%. I'm gonna consult a strategy guide, if I find anything I'll post it here.
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mrkillboy answered:

As mentioned above you can't play them, the excuse being that the data is corrupted.

HOWEVER, its implied that sequence 12 and 13 are the events of the game Assassin's Creed II: Discovery for Nintendo DS, which takes place around the same time the missing sequences should have taken place.
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wilson336 answered:

Can you say "Room for DLC"?
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biglittleman12 answered:

with what Rebecca and Lucy said, Ezio already had the Codex pages. those are probably what he did during those sequences. i guess the game didnt want you to go through boring sequences saying "Grab the Codex pages in (insert location here)
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Richkat answered:

I've got the Black Edition and I have 100% complete if Hunter_Zero72 only has 97.6% it must be that they count the three extra maps that are in the Black Edition too. If there is DLC I don't think it will be about sequence 12 and 13 I think it will more like an add-on story in a new location.
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jason12399 answered:

If Sequence 12 and 13 weren't meant to be playable, wouldn't the game just have Sequence 11 and the end would be 12 instead of 14? I think the DLC will be the secret locations that came in the special editions and a story add-on for Sequence 12 and 13.
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gccsilver answered:

Rumor is that Ubisoft couldn't meet their release date and cut those two sequences out of the finished game, then they made an easy workaround in the story that the data was "corrupt." They will probably offer them as DLC in the near future. Be prepared to pay extra for it.
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Dan_Auditore answered:

Well if the 'Bonfire of the Vanties' is a DLC then its safe to say that it will be one of the sequences as they mention it as something that happened between Sequence 11 and 14.
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sukmybullets123 answered:

From: billybob233 12/9 6:14PM - Report Abuse Answer
Ubisoft are releasing 2 DLC for AC2 'The battle of Forli' and 'The Bonfire of the Vanties' at the beginning of next year which could fill in the sequnce 12 and 13 gap

I think that this is correct because even that guy in the game said that the bonfire of the vanties were during that time period and i think there is achievments for the missing sequences
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mitsmirage answered:

Both sequences 12 and 13 are corrupt but the story of these 2 sequences is told in short. Apparently sequence 12 and 13 are going to be released as DLC next year.
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Doolz2024 answered:

It's missing because they decided to leave them out and charge us for them as DLC later.
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Raptor208 answered:

Shaunrand you missed nothing despite what Hunter says they do not exist
just keep playing you don't unlock anything futher south in Florence at least I
haven't and beat the game this morning.
Hunter_Zero72 did you find all secret locations that maybe your problem.
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