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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Leonardo?

So I found all the codex pages as requested and I need them decoded so I can move on. Problem is I never went to Leonardo unless the story magically teleported me there because I didn't care enough. Now I have no idea where he is nor do I even know which section of Venice it is

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Idea one did not work. Door does not respond. Understand that at some point in the story it is required that you have all the codex pages. I am at this point. It's madenning. I cannot find his little symbol on the map. Mario keeps telling me I need them desciphred. At this point... Where do I find Leonardo?

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Find your nearest fast travel location. Use it to goto Florence, his workshop is one of the fast travel points.

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Your map actually has an icon for Leonardo, i believe you can filter off some of the useless icons to make it a little easier to see where hes hiding.

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Yeah, i'm stuck on the exact same thing and it is extremely aggravating...

As to psisco's answer, Leonardo's house is right across from the middle fast travel point, but you're not able to go into his house

This is extremely irritating, someone please find an answer D:

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He is in the villa

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it took me forever and i was mad when i found him but yeah

Leonardo is in the Villa. He is in the same room that you go to to upgrade your villa and to get your money from the bank. He's to your left if walk in from the lobby of the villa

it made me mad cuz he was right in front of my face the whole time :/

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If you are in a memory you have already finished he will not show up until you exit memory from the pause menu...I hope this helps.

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