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Asked: 5 years ago

Codex wall?

Is there a point to finishing it? all it did was make a noise showing i finished it, now what?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I know that, thats where the noise of it being finished comes in, once you get the picture of the world, what else? just continue the game?

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Well what you have to do is arrange the pieces of the Codex using LT & RT to flip them around to form a picture of "something". (You have to do this in Eagle Vision mode)

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If you have them all and you finished the puzzle, then continue the game till you get to memory sequence 14. There will be a whole bunch of people standing in front of the Codex Wall. You will place a special item that you will receive in memory sequence 11. There will be a some what of a cut scene and you will continue the game.

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You cannot start memory sequence 14 without a complete Codex Wall with the pages in the correct alignment.

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First you need to collect all codex pages before starting memory sequence 14. Once collected go back to Villa and go to the codex wall, a number of people will be standing around the wall. You need to then turn on Eagle Vision to then rotate the codex to form the world. Once this has been done currectly a cut scene will then activate and then you are left to complete the sequence.

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