Question from H16HP01N7

How do I solve the Glyph Puzzle Hidden Codes?

In the Glyph Puzzle pictures, there is sometime codes written in Binary/Hex/Pigpen etc, iv figured out a few (with the help of goodle, 4 a few), but I was wondering if anyone has got them all sussed out?

H16HP01N7 provided additional details:

I didnt want the answers to the riddles themselves, i want to know that i worked them out by my self. Its the hidden codes i was interested in. Cheers 4 the link tho, il try it if i need it

Accepted Answer

DasBatmobil answered:

look 4 "assassin's creed 2 Super Guide" on the search engine of your choice. You should get a link to a guide with all rddles solved.
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