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How do i save my progress in this game???

How do i save my game?? Can't seem to find a save button.. or is it auto save???

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JohnathanDW answered:

There is an autosave function BUT you can take advantage of it if you're afraid to shut off the system before seeing the diamond autosave symbol at the bottom right of you're screen, this is what I do:
Go to a shop, any shop. enter the shop, and then exit with B. Then it will save. It's a quick way to get peace of mind and save the game for sure
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Gabriel860703 answered:

It has an auto save function.
Travle to another city or compleat a mission or task and it'll save.
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ParanoNL answered:

Just push the start button and choose option stop (last one in the row) the game, it will save until where you reached the game until then, for the rest there is the autosave function after evey quest you do.
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AC2PWNS answered:

It auotsaves for u
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annosheh answered:

You dont need to save.
it autosaves 4 U
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RdR_99 answered:

It autosaves doing things like openin chests,travel to another cities,or completing a mision or something like that, ParanoNL as reason too
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