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What are all the weapons ?

What are the name of all the weapons when do u unlock them what are they are they from leonardo or some quest

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There's actually a long list, but it's not too difficult to answer.

Once you hit Sequence 9, all the weapons are unlocked. You can buy them at the blacksmith's, although the final and most powerful blade, Altair's Sword, is only available in the Villa. The only weapon you cannot buy at a blacksmith's is a hammer you get from your uncle Mario after you collect fifty of Petruccio's feathers for Maria.

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Here's a list of swords:common sword,old syrian sword,Venetian falchion,Florentine falchion,captains sword,scimitar,Milanese sword,Schiavona & Sword of Altair

Here's a list of short blades:dagger ,knife,stiletto,channeled cinquedea,sultan's knife,butchers knife,notched cinquedea.

Now on to maces & war hammers:mercenario war hammer,maul,flanged mace,cavalieri mace and condottiero war hammer you get after you've collected 50 feathers.

There's a fighting glove called metal cestus .

I hope this anwsers you question

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