Question from plonco123456789

Why can't i use UPLAY?

I've tried going on uplay at the main menu but when i go on it i can't do anything on it all i can do is exit and thats it any reasons why?

kyleweeeeeeeeee asked for clarification:

I should have plenty of points...i have completed most of the challenges for SplinterCell and Assasins Creed...but I can't sign on from my just says "uplay is currently unavailable" or something of that sorts and restarts the game...any suggestions??? im getting short of patience


xbox360man360 answered:

It should let you chose from 5 different menus (2 of 5 Working Now).
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tequilero answered:

You need to unlock 4 achievements first to earn 100 u points,then you can get weapons and other stuff with those points.
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