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How to get Altair's Robes? [ Not armor ]

I saw a video of some guy running around in Altair's Robes. I was wondering how he got it. Does anyone know?

gamegod13 provided additional details:

No, man. It was Altair's white robes. I already beat the game and got Altair's ARMOR, and sword. I mean the ROBES, the white robes...


EndERshoGUN answered:

Well as far as I know you cant get Altair's robes.I don't want to spoil anything about the story for you just in case you are not at that point in the game.The only thing that I am sure that you can aquire that belonged to Altair is his armor.You might have seen a video of a player at that certain point in the game.Hope this helps.
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C810 answered:

You can download the robes from uplay. You need 30 uplay points to download it, and once you have it I believe you can access them from the Outfits section of the in-game menu
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unknowninfo775 answered:

On the start menu or whatever press y for the unplay and it goes onto your game.
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unknowninfo775 answered:

Before beating the game go on the uplay part by pressing y on the main menu. There you can buy stuff like extra throwing knifes and stuff. Altiar's robes should be 60 uplay points. I dont know if it works after you've beeten the game. But if it doesnt have fun playing through ac2 again.
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toadfromoz answered:

There are 4 items for download from UPlay, totalling 100 points (10 + 20 + 30 + 40)... You have to play through certain parts of the game to unlock the UPlay points (I believe to get the last points you have to complete the game and earn the "Return of an Old Friend" achievement.... Not sure what the order is, but the items are-

ACII Theme for the Console
Auditore Family Crypt area unlock
Knife Belt upgrade
Altair Outfit
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